Not such a dumb ass!!!

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey.

He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement he quieted down.

A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up.

As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!


Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a steppingstone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up.

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  • I so nearly didn't read this ... I am a complete wimp for animals , cried my way through lassie , bambi, etc and thought this would not be good for me to read but I am so glad I did, thank you so much for posting a great moral boost

    VG xx

  • Don't watch " War Horse" then hehe,

    It is good certainly helped me to rise above the crap.


  • I'm the same VG, don't watch Marley and me either - I cried buckets!

  • Came at a really good time for me - I'm certainly getting my shovel-loads this week! So thank you.


  • A parable for us all get shoveling !! xgins

  • What a great story Rachie! There is certainly something in that for all of us. I do so love a happy ending too ;) Thanks for sharing. Jane x

  • I saw this ladies on my Facebook page and just thought it would be good to share, I'm glad it was of help.


  • It is the perfect way to look at our situation. We have no choice but to get on with it as no one is throwing us a life belt xxxxx

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