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Big Thanks

Thanks to all my new friends for giving me such a warm welcome, Just to know that there are other people who understand what I am going through is such a support to me. Yesterday I was at the Podiatrist at my local hospital she what an eye opener, I have diabetes so the walking on glass pain in the soles of my feet I put done to this, she carried out her tests blood pressure and pulse

they where hard to find, she sat me down and told me that yes it was my diabetes but it was also my FM it was making it much worse, finally a person in the medical world that can look you in the eye and not smirk when they talk about FM.

on a lighter note I managed to get to sleep early last night I sleep in my daughters room and let her sleep with the wife that way they get a good nights sleep well i was out for the count so what do I do forget I am in a single bed, I roll over fall out of bed, and end up looking into the eyes of hello bloody kitty, the thump was so big but the only person I woke was the cat and all she did was to yawn and go back to sleep, the pain today well lets not go there.

better go so hugs to you all and I hope the sandman comes to us all tonight

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lol. sorry for laughing hope you are ok x


Haha, i laughed too lol.

Its good to know there are some doctors out there that believe,

I have that waliking on glass pain quite often so i thought it was fibro as i dont have diabetes, So if you have both it must be agony for you.

Watch you dont have hello kitty nightmares tonight lol.

hugs, kel xxxx


Oh Brian,

I wonder who you might fall for

Soft Hugs x x x xx


I am glad that you all laughed its the best medicine in the world I do silly things all the time, so hold on to those ribs


Hi Brian, just read your post & had a laugh sorry to hear you have the walkin on galss pain unfortunately i hace plantar facitis in my heals & calcium spurs, i end up tiptoeing...visualise Fantasia & the elephants dancing scene lol

Hope you have a safe & sound sleep take care, look forward to the chuckle muscles getting awork out now & again, gentle hugs...Mary.


hi brian just read ur post,i have fibro arthiritis sleep aponea,ibs,& just been told i have diabetes,the list keeps growing,did have a giggle at ur post.we have to stay positve and the best medicine is having a good laugh especialy with all the down days we have,try not to wake the cat tonight haha,gentle hugs xx


Hi Brian, it takes a little bit of pain away knowing that your GP/consultant is listening and understanding.

hugs xx


Oh Lawdy Brian! I almost peed myself laughing! I hate Hello Kitty - it's the stuff of nightmares for me.

Gentle hugs,

Carol xx


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