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Feeling got at

Hi everyone, would love to write something positive for a change but -no sorry. Feeling very got at I try to give 110% all the time but it never seems to be enough. I am married with one son and beginning to feel surplus to requirement. Feel quite lonely in my life even although I have friends. My mum passed away last year and my dad a few years before that, my sister has just gone on hold for eight weeks and my husband and son seem to be ganging up. Even when I speak these days it's not right. What is life all about? The older I get the less I know or understand. Size guys x

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Sorry your feeling like this. I wonder are you on antidepressants as you sound like me when i'm no on them. Are you still grieving possibly? Maybe sitting down with your husband and son and talking openly may help you might find they are struggling with your illness as much as you are. Hope this helps xxxx


Thanks for your reply, but I just get to the point that I feel I shouldn't need to spell it out to them men and people in general are not top of my priority list just now my dog and me will get through eventually.thanks again take care everyone x


Hi karen can really emphathise with you. Think at some point or other all of us on here are where you are now; feeling feed up, isolated and redundant. People seem to just go on living their lives around us while ours seems to have either grinded or crashed to a halt. I often get sick of hearing myself moaning talking or trying to communicate how my illness effects me and sometimes I get so angry that those closest to me just dont seem to get how im feeling. I'd love to run away at times but with sore knees heels ankles and pain on walking - I dont think i'd get very far!! :-((( lol hope your feeling a bit more upbeat soon x

Dixie x


I do understand Karen, sometimes things are just too much and get on top of us don't they. However hard we try to just get on with it, we can't help noticing normality around us. We find our tolerance levels reduced, little things drive us up the wall.

Have you considered popping along to see your GP for a review of your meds. Sometimes as our Fibromyalgia evolves, it can change our symptoms and our meds need either changing or the doses altering. This might make a big difference to how you cope with having Fibro. Might be worth a try.

I hope you feel better soon, we are all here for you and we do understand. (((hug))) xxx


At east you have us and that says a lot. Maybe your GP could give you something to help the way you are feeling xxxxx


Cheers guys for your replies my mood doesn't seem to be lifting at all may visit go this coming week, or is it an age thing? Hormones? Who knows ! Take care everyone x hug x


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