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Feeling sad

Even though the weather has been wonderful, my pain and discomfort distracted me from it.

I had a bad episode today at work and have been unable to walk properly. I will be calling in sick tomorrow, i just dont know how much longer i can continue working.

I can not do my housework or play with my son as im left exhausted after working. So many worries and i do not have the right mental state of mind to deal with everything. The gp,s are useless i see my consultant every 4-6 months. I need help but dont know who to turn to.

Sorry everyone, i really needed to get that out.

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jennie have you any other gps local to you ?? if so change drs ,, the worst thing is to have one who is as much use as a chocolate teapot sure a lot of the girls can advise you who to ask for help i saw some subjects under tags xxxx


Hi Trish

I have tried changing doctors but there is such shortage of places i cant. Our NHS system here is absolutely rubbish for anything not just Fibro.

They did have time for me at the beginning but now im just left in the lurch. Im a single parent too and really do struggle.

I do do yoga which helps and also see an osteopath which is marvellous, my best friend is a masseuse so i get free massages.

Im usually a positive person but im slowly losing that.


that seems to be a major problem we seem to have gps everywhere by us ....okay if they had time for you once they have to listen again ,, i actually found it easier with my old useless gp to write a diary of how i was feeling pain levels depression etc then hand it to him an make him discuss it ,,,,

there may be local support groups that can help or the cab are very good for advice ,,,,it is hard to stay positive and its really hard being a single parent , but there may be a scheme for someone to come in and help you we had one called crossroads ,, but im not too sure about your area xxxx


That is a great idea about the pain diary. I will start that right now, I have a consultants appointment on Tuesday so i can give her at least a few days example.

I have tried googling groups in my area but they are in towns away from me, i dont drive either. It really is crap.

My son is 12 and i just can get it through to him what Fibro is and how it affects me.

Thank you for taking the time to give me some advice I feel slightly better already.



hi jennie

my gp told me to do a pain diary and also everything else i needed if you really feel that your not being taken seriously though write to the practice mamager andexplain why you feel brushed off

children do tend to get better with age and accept more but they cant understand at all i tried an anology explaining to mine by using experiences they have had like when my eldest fell and broke his coller bone and afterwards i told him the pain he felt when that happened is how my whole body feels but reguards to telling him be 100percent honest with him dont make your pain less maybe your giving him too much info it confuses us so what chance does a child have try to be positive honey luv and gentle hugs


hi can you not see your GP and get a sick note for couple weeks to get yourself back on track mind you you could be like this for few weeks as we all know i do hope that you feel better tommorrow love to you diddle x


Hi Diddle,

Iv got an appointment next week with gp now after having to speak to practice manager and kick up a fuss, i got an appointment for wednesday. Also seeing consultant and i am going to ask her for advice.


Hope today is a better one for you. If you're anything like me its hard to predict how you're going to be feeling from day to day. I also had a particularly long and tiring day at work. I ached from head to toe, filled the bath but was so exhausted I didn't have a bath just threw myself into bed and it was lights out. I have recently returned to work after being on sick leave for over four months and for me it was the best decision ever. It definitely helped my state of mind getting back to work and my employers have been fairly good. I work 16 hours weekly and enjoy my job and can rest if I need to but I understand everybodys situation is different. Good luck and i hope you take a path that is helpful for you. Lots of love, dinkydo x


Hi jennie,

Just want to give you a big hug hun.

I had to give up work so i could be a better mum but i have a partner who provides. It is hard with money as there is just one wage but i knew it was for the best.

Hope you find it easier soon hun


Sorry forgot to pu my name lol.

kel xxxxx


Hi Kel,

Im a single parent and cannot afford to stop working. I have no idea if i can claim any benefits as heard that most cases get declined. I wouldnt know who to contact anyway.

I have consultants appointment next week so i am going to be talking to her about it all.

Thank you for hug.

Im sure i will get everything sorted soon enough just bloomiing frustrating at the same time.

Jen xxxx


Hi Jennie I'm Chris 45 MALE , how are you doing today, I ve just called In sick in to much pain to go to work today .Sad day not been off work for six mths with my M.E..but today it got the better of me,

How is life going for you know.



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