Hi all never posted on here before and just wondered if anyone else had come across this. In July this year i was diagnosed with fibro and have had problems with swallowing, acid and reflux for over 15yrs.Went for a Endoscopy on Friday and they have told me the muscles in my oesophagus are not working at all and was full of food even throu it was over 15hrs since i had eating any thing,consultant said i was a high risk of choking to death in my sleep i have to back but dont no when at the moment, really down and worried sick can anyone help? Gentle Hugs all Brendaxx

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  • Hi Brenda,Iv got probs with my oesophagus,I get acid reflux which is really awful,for a while know iv had difficulty with swallowing and I know that when I have slept on my back I have woken up chocking and gasping for breath,this is something I want to talk to my Doc about,I know how much of a worry it is but I think its good that your having it looked into and after reading your blog I really think I need to have myself checked out,although I haven't directly given you an answer I think you have done a good thing by making me realise that actually I'm not alone,although I'm pretty sure it is something that goes with F.M,actually there recently was a blog on swallowing.I think the consultant was a bit wrong in a way to say what he did..if you were at risk of death in your sleep he wouldn't have just sent you home without admitting you to hospital,I know it must be worrying you and i know its hard not to worry..but you need to try not to let it get you down as i think it may make your other F.M symptoms worse,and that's not going to help you,sorry if I wasn't much help,you take care and don't forget to be kind to yourself!...xx

  • I replied on the swallowing blog to, I have also had a problem re catching breath in the night and when I had the scope was told they could see various problems and I have now started a round of different tests. I had a sleep study a week ago and have already had a call back letter to see a consultant in the apnoea clinic, I also have a reflux and ristricted nasel pasages which I am on steroids for prior to an op if it doesn't help.

    What you have said about food sounds quite strange and pretty allarming....I feel food doesn't go down properly and I often choke on food too. I hope you get sorted soon

  • I get all of those plus I have a Hiatus Hernia which makes it worse. We as sufferers do get times when we cannot swallow, like we have no control of the muscles and it can be quite frightening. I have never had food stay in the throat to the extent you describe as yet, but I often end up choking, even on waterm which seems pretty silly when it happens. I do hope they can do something for you xxxxx

  • Hello and welcome to our lovely forum Brenda, you are most welcome here!

    Take a look around our Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is a wealth of information there, advice, support, personal experiences and friendship too! Please read our FibroAction Guidelines, you will find these under Blogs at the top, please select FibroAction Blogs and then scroll down. We ask all our new members to read these, many thanks.

    If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us, we are always only too happy to help. We all understand, we are all in the same boat here.

    I hope you enjoy your time at FibroAction! :)

  • Swallowing can be quite a problem with Fibromyalgia, many of us have problems in this area, myself included. We have discussed swallowing a few times lately, here are some of our discussions on the subject, hope you find this helpful -




  • I find it incredible that a Consultant has told you Brenda that you are at risk of choking to death in your sleep, is this correct?! Any worries you have over this, I would personally have a word with your GP mainly to reassure you and also to verify this. I am quite shocked that you might have been told this?! :O

  • Hi Liberty the consult give me a print outand it showed all the food stuck, it was in colour and i only wished i was a bit wiser with computers i could of shown might get my daughter to do for me when she comes over later in the week. I'm going to see my doctor on tuesday and take my report with me, im sick quite often in my sleep and have been for a number of years i was aware i could choke but when someone else says it to you it sort of brings it home! Didn't mean to frighten anyone or cause them alarm and i apologise if i have.....................my stress levels are all over can't sleep for worry which just makes it all the harder to cope sorry once again if i upset anyone.Gentle Hugs Brendax

  • i have probs with swallowing. i find that sometimes after chewing the food goes to the back of my throat but then it seems as if my throat has forgotten how to swallow!! it can take a little while until i can actually swallow the mouthful. i also get the feeling that when i do swallow that the food is stuck in my gullet. i have to have a drink to force it down, saw my doctor who said it sounded like fybro as it effects all muscles. she sent me for a barium swallow but that was with just liquid and they give you this stuff to make your gullet expand so no chance of them seeing if it is narrowed. wanted to do a test for my reflux but was having a flare up and he could tell i could not do a horizontal roly poly lol i can also 'choke' on my own spittle and thin air!!

  • Hi josieowl i'm the same always have to have a glass of water when i eat something been up during the nite with acid reflux and been sick, hoping my gp can come up with something to help me, beenon lansoprazole for years but they just recently been puton rabeprazole but not made any differance, hope you can get sort out, gentle hugs Brendax

  • this is exactly what i get too its like ive forgotten how! and i also choke alot :(

  • My GP explained it as being a symptom of my IBS, he said that it can affect any part of the digestive system. I meant to tell him about additional problems I've been having over the past few months with an acid/burning sensation in my throat last time I saw him but I forgot! (I forgot a couple of other things too - sigh)

    Its really scary when your throat forgets to swallow isn't it? I scared the living daylights out of my son when he came round for dinner a few weeks ago when I choked. I try to stick to softer food most of the time to make it easier, I don't know of this really makes a difference or not.

    I've also recently noticed problems with breathing at night if I'm laying on my back or my left side, but not when laying on my right...??? Think I need to make a list for my next GP visit, I've probably already made a start as I had to write down what my physio told me to ask for a referral for, perhaps I should just add to that piece of paper.

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