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Oesophagus Once Again!

Hi all just a update on whats happened over the last few days, my youngest daughter got in touch with social services (un be known to me) explain to them what i was going throu what had happened at my endoscopy (i was at the hospital getting physio) so on my return from hospital the phone had rang its was a nurse from react she asked if she could come out to see me, i agreed she turned up in half an hour with another nurse asked me loads of questions how fibro was effecting me what problems i had with swallowing explained to her as best i could she was horrified to learn that most of the time i was on my own and within two hrs of her been there i now have someone with me all night and a carer twice a day to help with personal care. Can't quite believe how things have moved on in a few days! Also got appointment for another endoscopy on the 5th dec, going throu an appeal with dla at present so hopefuly this will help with my appeal! GENTLE HUGS TO YOU ALLxxxxxBrendax

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brenda i should say defo get DLA,surprised the nurse hasn't offered to help,seeing as you need care day and night.I hope you get it ,loads of hopefulness jacksiex


Congratulations on getting the care you need! and your daughter is to be commended for taking the step in calling social services! good luck with the endoscopy I do hope everything will be ok,keep us up to date on how you get on...xx


Hi Brenda,

Sometimes its just knowing who to contact, but to me your Gp should know this and family should not have to do all the findings for you it stress all round.

You now should get alll the help required, do you have adaptions to your home etc, even i have been offered contcts etc after my blue badge assesment of places that help. I can still go out in my car so far but i have been told that because i paid for my bath taking out which i miss and put shower in that can claim for this .

Why we have to do all the hard wrk is beyond me since GP's know our personal health situations.

Your Daughter has done a fab job .

Give her a hug :-) xxxxxxxx


Thank you all for your lovely comments, my doctor kept saying to me before i was told from my consultant that i had fibro no its not fibro it would of shown up in your blood tests kept telling her that it dosen't show she woundn't have it one day she put fibro on my sick note next time she just puts lower back pain, and when i sent my dla form another doctor filled it in and had put unknown on everything on the form i was totally gutted as my daughter spent two days filling it in and when i went to my doctors to complain she just said we share the work in the practice and just depends who gets them that week i was gob smacked and told her you playing with peoples lives anyway they agreed to do their own patients forms from now on. Yes i've got quite afew adaptions put in at home throu my consultant requestung on my behalf she really good and concern more than my doctor. Pass on your comments to my daughter she is to be commend, WELL DONE SARAH LOVE YOU i am lucky have a fab relation with all 3 of my daughters and without them i woundn't want to be here. You all take care GENTLE HUGS xxxxxxxxxBrendaxxx


I am glad things are moving in the right direction now xxxxx


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