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Sleep paralysis? Anyone with fibro find this a problem?

Hi guys, does anyone else find that when they sleep they feel like they are sort of in a paralysed state.. Eg hearing what's going on, needing the loo, hearing (or not hearing more frequently) loud noises that would wake the dead but being physically unable to move or get up? Eg, I hear my husband call my name all the time but it's like I can't move or anything, I've always hated sleeping too long during the night because it only ever makes my headaches worse. I have ongoing bladder issues and even needing the loo so badly during the night doesn't let me wake up! I seem to think it's part of my dream and it's like my body is sort of tricking me into thinking it's all in my head! We have an old style alarm clock (two bells on either side with a small hammer in between that makes noise that should wake the dead!) but I DONT EVEN HEAR It! Tried what feels like everything but I can not seem to convince my brain to cooperate, has anyone had this happen to them and found out something that helps them wake up? Tried vitamins, relaxation, early nights, not sleeping and just napping every now and again, now at a loss and quite baffled... I'd like to get up in time for a pee again and hear my lovely alarm! Thanks :)

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just wanted to say hello hopefully more of this friendly group will be on to answer you tomorrow, regards, sandra :)


Hi Rhiann230

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have experienced this only once, and I thought that it was terrifying and would not want to endure it again.

The last FibroAction poll that Mdaisy took was a sleep survey, I have pasted you a link to this below:


I have no idea of the why's and wherefore's of this problem, but I genuinely hope that you can find an answer to your question.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Rhianne,

I feel the same everytime I wake up myself, cant move because of it too for ages, have to make myself move about before getting out of bed but before I do feel like I'm parilised, I do have scoliosis too, degenerated spine, and oesteoarthritis which may also be the cause for me, hope you feel better, from Claire


It's very strange isn't it! I apparently sometimes wake up and give my husband worldly advice, a few have been 'don't feed the kids spiders', 'you might not even lift the house properly' and my favourite 'I think I'm Harry Potters friend now...' lol :D i didn't think it was supposed to happen frequently but it is everytime I go to sleep, seems it happens a lot more than I thought. Hope you're feeling like it will be a good day Claire, thankyou xx


Thanks everyone, i slept pretty bad last night but strangely enough I was only unable to wake up for about twenty seconds, the strangest thing is feeling someone else in the room, then I wake up and nobody is there, but when someone is there I don't even know lol... I've done some googling (which is bad because I scare myself lol) but only found that sleeping poorly and a few other bits can cause it, seems quite a few on here have it though so it's not as uncommon as I thought :) thanks for the link ken, I'll have a look after my meds, going to do some colouring with my little girl, I'm more excited than she is! :D (think I'm going to draw an elephant lol!) thanks everyone for the reply xxx


I have something else funny relating to paralysis. Every now and then I try to do a movement and it as if the nerves to that bit just don't respond. They are always the bits that have most pain, ie., left arm and back. For example, sometimes when I do meditation when I end the meditation practice my left arm is really stuck and the only way I can free it is to take my right arm over to move it. And then sometimes my back does the same thing, I am lying down and want to lift up my back for some reason and it is stuck lying down, I have to pull myself on to my side to free the paralysed bit. But as soon as I free it, I am ok and the use is normal. Anybody else have this?


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