Are you participating in the Kings Fibro Genetics Study?

Are you already participating in this hugely important study into the genetics of Fibro? What has your experience been so far?

Or are you interested in supporting this? Be part of the largest genetic study ever conducted into Fibro!

Details are here

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  • yes,so far i have had the blood test done this was about 2 weeks ago and i found the experiance fine, i feel good that i am taking part in something that could possibly give more imformation as to the cause,prognosis,cure,treatment or anything that may help people now or in the future that suffer from fibro or any related ilinesses,and would urge any person deliberating weather to take part in this important study or not to go ahead the more imformation that can be gatherd from these test the better for us fibro suffers.good luck everyone x

  • I have just registered to join the study -- I am especially interested because I personally believe there is some genetic predisposition to getting it as I believe my father had it (although not diagnosed) I think it is a worthwhile thing to do if it can help others in the future to understand more about it. All you need to do is fill in a short pain questionnaire and donate a blood sample. X

  • Thank you for the information, I will definitely look at it. I also feel genetics has a lot to do with it as my mum has had a lot of pain issues over the years and one of my sisters has lots of symptoms related to fibro but I dare not say anything to her.

  • Filled in the data yesterday .

  • Hi, Yes I filled in the online form 2 weeks ago and am awaiting my pack to arrive, As they will never get anywhere if we don't all do our bit, x

  • opps i got my pack did online form but just moved n left blood pack opps!!

  • Thanks Ken the study has been closed but I am interested in anything that can help us. The page on what causes fibro answers the genetic question why if its genetic it does follow a set pattern could you post that page I think it gives clarity to understanding the causes of fibro.

  • I'm sorry lindseyMid I addressed my post to ken I must have fibrofog this morning I saw your name and still addressed to ken please forgive me. I really enjoyed the site and wish the study was still open I would like to know the results.

    Thanks LindseyMid :)

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