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As I was placed in the support group in 2014, my next review will be in December this year. My ESA50 and additional information will be sent to them when they ask for it. I have no idea yet whether they will ask me to go to another WCA or they do a paper assessment.

Thinking of the worse, and they then class me fit for work, how is this possible of saying in 2014 that I am a substantial risk to myself and others if entered in a work place. How would it be that the previous hcp done what was said and the one due to see if have to says the opposite. Please send me your thoughts. Thank you

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  • Hopefully you will have copied your previous forms and letters of evidence. Read through it all again and if there is no change then write the same things but perhaps worded differently. If your condition has deteriorated then make sure you make the comparison and give further evidence.

    Don't be surprised if they reject it, it seems to be their policy to do that now, always ask for a Mandatory Consideration.

  • If you have stayed the same or have got worse I wouldn't think there would be a problem and if it is initially rejected I think you would have good grounds to appeal especially if you have medical evidence supporting your claim.

    Went to see my acupuncturist this afternoon and he says one of the things that happens in the body when it is in pain and especially with patients who have fibro is that we start over thinking things. Try to relax and worry about it when it happens as at the moment there isn't anything you can do so I don't want you getting het up about it too soon. I know it is easier said than done. We will all try and support you in December when they review your case. It might be very straightforward and they might make a decision on paperwork alone. Take care of yourself.x

  • Thank you so much, it's right what you said, not to worry too soon. I have got it all together for them including more problems that have arose from the last WCA, Operation in due course when hospital tells me so. Hopefully the day the DWP wants me to go to the next WCA if I have to. Take care.

  • That's brilliant as if you are all prepared it is half the battle. I was going to do that but with moving last November and extremely serious family illnesses I let it slip. I was lulled into a sense of security thinking I could ask the Pain Management people even though I knew I would have a new GP. Then of course in March the specialist retired and they stopped my sessions as they had no replacement. My old GP had retired and moved as well so that avenue was cut off, grhh. What do they say "best laid plans" x

  • Hi jaguar300

    I agree totally with your other two respondents and please try not to worry too soon my friend. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your review, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have been in the support group for years and have not been contacted I would worry about it actually if and when they contact you.

  • Thanks, as at the time of my WCA, it was Atos running the show, albeit as you know it's Maximus that's running it now. Accordindly they are worse. The HCP,s have been told to have no care or feelings for who they assess. If I have to attend, it's going to be recorded like before, they are liers when they create that report, so the answers to their questions have to be the ones from the claimant. Take care.

  • I have to disagree with your very generalised statements. I had my first assessment three months ago and my assessor was gentle, kind and very sympathetic to my problems. The whole experience was extremely positive. I'm sure that some people experience unsympathetic assessors, but not all of us do. I also wasn't lied about. I was put in the Support group with no time limit.

  • Thanks for your reply, as you said that not all hcp are sympathetic, that's true. My experience from my last one which was recorded, even though they should have read the esa and additional information that they had, it was stated that all the physiotheropists I seen had said there is no more they could do for me. However, in my report from the hcp said I have not seen a physiotherapis.

    Hopefully my next one if any puts in the facts. Take care and look after yourself.

  • Thanks

  • I well be assessed at the same time as you but I understand they are not necessarily on the date given I intend to point out that due to my condition I would like them to consider regulation 35 to stay in the support group try not to worry until you get the letter I am keeping all my paperwork in order for when my day arrives

  • Thanks, I was with reg 29/35, how is it possible to take patients off this when assessed previously. My date for a review as they emailed me saying so 18/12/16. I would suspect that the WCA if I have to attend will be in the new year anyway. They can't ask us to attend before the review date anyways. The ESA50 they may send the month before the review date, if I have to attend the Xmas week, they may get a bonus. Take care.

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