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Hello everyone

I was put onto the ESA support group earlier this year after a medical assessment.

I am wondering when it will run out? Or should I say be reassessed?

As they never said at the time how long it would last for.

I'm just worrying as I'm unsure if it will be in a few months time (because that would be a year) or if they give you longer than a year.

Many thanks

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  • Hi MissZ12. They can reassess at any time apparently. I have read several statements on this subject, and between 1 to 3 years seems to crop up a lot. But this is based on separate cases. Everyone is different, in relation to their health issues and needs. Hope this helps. I know it's vaque, but I don't think there is a definitive answer.

    Big gentle hugs. Tracy. xxx

  • Hi, Glad your in the SG. From the paper work you received to say you have been placed in the SG, it now does not tell the claimant for how long you are in it for. However, years ago they did, give them an email or a phone call and they will tell you so.

    That,s what I did as three yrs ago they placed me in the SG after I was in the WRAG, I a had a mandatory reconsideration. Best of luck, as they have to tell you. Bye for now.

  • Hi I too was put in SG in April 2015 and have never been advised for how long. I never had a medical but submitted all my medical details and that was sufficient. I've written a number of times to query this but they never reply. I don't like phoning and didn't realise they have an email address? What is it please?

  • Hi, this is the email address I used.


    This may have to be sent as it is, or it maybe sent using lower case. Good luck.

  • It doesn't matter if you use upper or lower case, or mix them up. :)

    I'm in the same boat, & I'm constantly bracing myself for the nasty brown letter.


  • It's how an email address is created. Anyway when was your assessment? Waiting for your brown envelope will tell you what group your placed in or fit for work. If in a groupy you won't know for how long unless you ask. As said it is not on the letter you receive or ever will. Bye for now.

  • It's awful isn't it, like a sort of suspended sentence. Point is, we all have more than enough to worry and stress us with our health issues. Worries re finances on top of these just exacerbate everything.

  • Many thanks. I've sent an email so fingers crossed. Just hope Shirley is available to help? I suppose they must have a generic email that isn't to a specific person?

  • Great, sorry I meant to say, in the subject bar before sending it, enter SG time scale please.

  • I re-sent with added amendment as per your advice. Shirley replied and has forwarded my email to their complaints dept?

  • That's great, you should have a reply in the next day or so. If not by mid week, then give them a reminder to get the answer within 48hrs. Good luck.

  • This is unbelievable,I've just received an ESA50 form in the post to complete by Nov 4!

  • Well, it looks like you was in the support group for18 mths then. Depending when you applied for esa, it was probably a few months before April2015.

    When they receive the esa form, as you know they give you a date for the assessment, or maybe you won't have to go as what information you send them could be a paper assessment. Best of luck.

  • Hi. Can I ask a few questions please? I left my job in March this year as I was too ill to work. I haven't seen the rheumatologist for over 2 years as I've been trying to find my own way with this illness, looking at Lyme and thyroid issues. I have never claimed anything but we are struggling so much financially I wondered if I could get ESA. Do you think I should see the rheumatologist again so I have more medical evidence? Also do you know if there is a cap to how much your partner earns and how much it is? Thanks


  • You should apply right away for ESA by phoning immediately...then apply for DLA also...!

  • I think you would qualify for ESA. on your national insurance payments. If you live with your partner and havent got enough nat ins payments his income would be taken into account. You need to apply ESA and for PIP too.

    For PIP you need letters from your rheumatologist with your diagnoses and accumulate whatever medical evidence you can. List of prescription meds too, when you fill in the forms get help from someone. You need to keep putting down how you are on your worst day. There are sections on here re applying for benefits. Anyway nothing ventured nothing gained. Good luck.

  • i am certain i was told i wouldnt need any further assessments.need to check my paperwork.

  • According to news last week people who are diagnosed with chronic illness that they won't recover from will not be asked back for reassessment you need to try and find out some more info ☺

  • Hi MissZ12

    As Bambamsnan says on the news last week it was announced that people with chronic long term illnesses will no longer face reassessment. If you are deemed to fall into that category then you should continue with your ESA? It is possible that you may have to send in documentation every so often? The details have not yet been announced?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi

    I was put in the Support Group from WRAG after an appeal nearly three years ago. There was no date on the letter and when I rang them up I was told it would be for 18 months. I still haven't had the dreaded brown envelope and when I contacted them over an unrelated matter I asked again and they said it would be around Christmas.

    Now the need for re-assessment is going, I'm not sure what is going to happen.

    Does anyone know when this new initiative is coming in?

  • Depends if your long term sick could be 12 months mine is 3 years.

    It might also depend on your age.

    Best of lucky. Just don't rock the boat.


  • Hello MissZ12,,,, did they tell you in your letter about what the next part is? there is a report about these reassessments being stopped,,,,when they have not said,,,,,I hope they have given you a long time,,and they don't call you back,,,,this system is very stressful when you are not feeling very well,,,,,good luck,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Hello there MissZ12 .

    Not too sure if "Congratulations" is the right word for being put into the ESA Support Group, as we have to suffer daily with pain etc and be unable to work to actually get the Benefit. Hopefully you won't be asked for a reassessment for a long time!

    I too, am in the Support Group. I only submitted the dreaded form, actually thats not quite true, CAB did it all for me!! I had no medical. Just hoping they leave me alone for at least 18 months, as I retire in June 2018. I will then receive my pension and no more ESA!!🙆 🙆

    Take care.

    Love and healing hugs to you all.

    Mary. x. 😺. x😺. x 😺. x. 😺

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