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Hi Everyone,

I haven't really posted much, mainly because I find it hard to keep track of all responses and hate to be on the computer a lot!

The main reason for this post is to let people know that I am starting an official Support Group for Staffordshire. The regions of Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford, so for the first time to discuss plans and regularity of meetings and times and days we are initially meeting in Trentham and would welcome anyone close to this location to come along. I have had fibromyalgia for around 11 years and have a lot of experience in trying various forms of treatment, from medical to natural, alternative and self help. I would like to share advice, get in guest speakers and generally build a network of support for everyone. The area has been lacking a proper support group for years.

We will be meeting in the main coffee shop at Trentham Gardens on Tuesday 27th Nov at 1:30pm, all are welcome.


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  • Hello,

    Well Done!!... Support groups are lacking and people need to chat to others living with Fibromyalgia to gain understanding / empathy and therefore support from each other.

    All the Best with your new group


  • Thank you Emma,

    I hope I get more people, we actually only have two coming along at the moment, but hopefully it will grow! x

  • An Advert in the local paper to promote your group maybe, so more people are aware of it.

    Don't forget to email us at FibroAction to list your support group within our listings too!!

    Many Thanks


  • Hi,

    Oh thank you that's a good idea. Yes, I will. As soon as we know when we are regularly meeting, i.e. every second Monday of the month etc... Then I can make the meeting time and place clear.

  • hi Shellyq

    I see you have changed the date from the original one (fibro forums) as I couldn't make the original one, but think 27th should be ok for me, If I can get my brain to work I will try to remember who else I know local with fibro, and let them know,

    see you on 27th unless something happens in between now and then,

    soft hugs

    Loraine xx

  • Hi,

    Yes, I will change it in the Fibro Forums, I only just made the change and sorry for confusion! Just to confirm it is 1:30pm on Tuesday 27th at Trentham Gardens and if anyone would like to search me on facebook (there are not many Shelly Quarmbys!) you will hopefully see what I look like and can spot me. I'll perhaps have a pen and paper on the table too!

    x x

  • well done in starting a support group. It will get this illness out there and maybe MPs and such will start taking notice. Maybe you could invite your local MP to a meeting so they can listen to what sufferers have to say and how we are being treated by ATOS and the DWP. It will be great to hear how it all goes. Wish I was closer as I would attend. xxxxx

  • Hi just came across your post, are you still meeting at Trentham gardens. I live in Cheadle and would be interested in the meetings.

    Tina xx

  • Hi Shelly, do you still run the support group?

    Thanks x

  • I was wondering the same

  • Hi all, does anyone know if a Fibromyalgia support group does exist in Stoke or the surrounding area? Thanks

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