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Fibro support group

Hi all

well we had our first local support group meeting yesterday, and i was so surprised how many local people have fibro, we all look ok and all have different problems,

but it was so nice to talk to people that knew what you meant without having to explain what fibro is, the lady who organised it was really friendly and down to earth and is also a sufferer.

Looking forward to the next one in June.

Well done to you, and if there is a group near you, make that effort although maybe painful you wont be dissapointed.

Thank you for listening

Lin x

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hi lin i do have a support group near me i really must make an effort to go thanx xxxxx


try it tofty im sure we are not the only ones who can benefit from it, go once if its not for you, you havent lost anything,

good luck

Lin x


hi Lin x glad you managed to make a meeting. what did you get out of it?

out of interest, how does your organiser get the word out about your support group? unfortunately, there don't seem to be any near me and my house is not in any shape to host a group :(


Hi sammy, it might sound silly but to meet other people with fibro really was so unusual, trying to find the right words but fibro fog keeps getting in the way.

you just didnt have to explain to them what it is and to find out you have some of the same pains, i know we are all different but the feeling of lonliness went out of the window, i said it sounded silly, but when else do you get to meet other fibro sufferers

we are going to have a few speakers and maybe relaxation classes its early days but i for one enjoyed myself.

my organiser put it on facebook and the local paper advertised the new group hope ypu can find one x


i wish there was a good one near me, i am becoming more amd more alone.


google it susie there may be one or more near you, and if there is one further a field go and if you like it ask them if they will start one in your area

take care x


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