When I got a mobility scooter I named her Jezabell however OH sems to have problems with names he just called her Hermione Gillgold

Sussie the dog my beautiful black labrador he has taken to calling "Babsie" what on earth is the matter with her proper name.

I call him JK but maybe I should change it to "---------" oh I am naughty today.

Hips is causing some considerable grief today nasty so I am put out.

MUst put my positive hat on and my smily face :) xgins

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  • A) why did you name your scooter jezebel wasn't she some scarlet woman..... Something you need to confess Gins? ... B) crafty plan by your OH by getting every name wrong your suspicions won't be aroused when he calls you mavis in the throes of passion... And you call him JK ....as in Rowling ?... Quick get him writing fast... This time next year you could both be millionaires...

    VG x

  • Ummm hermione gingold wasn't she the cook mrs bridges in the original upstairs downstairs... Try calling him Hudson... And wearing a cooks apron and mop cap.... It may be his secret fantasy..... I shall say no more.........

    VG x

  • This time next year we could all be millionaires... Has set me thinking.... You could have your hips fixed privately and as in the best tradition of only fools and horses we could get 3 wheeled mobility scooters spray paint them yellow then dressed as batman and robin we could patrol the streets of fibro city......

    VG x

  • What a brilliant idea This time next year we will be millionaires! I hope we dont argue of robins clothes they certainly would not come near to my Grand bulge! No Mrs mitchaline more like many tyres............

    Fibro city the land of kind hearted bejeweled babes!


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