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Sharing my Good News despite the suffering! I got my Blue Badge! 5/11/11 was assesment and 2 days after accepted

Sharing my Good News despite the suffering!  I got my Blue Badge! 5/11/11 was assesment and 2 days after accepted

Hi all Fm friends i had my assessment on 5th November that had me laid up Tuesday in bed suffering!!!

but letter came Saturday although i was accepted on the 7th so am pleased

but i was tearful!! not sure mixed emotions as i guess its been such a hard 2 and half years the battle not a clue what was next on the agenda both in The Medical path and my body and what suffering it has had to go through.


Asked me hands and parking meters or walking i said hmmmm both !! hahaha with a giggle as i had said hands arms, anyway my feet are painful too and my legs and back spine.. but its how it hurts i guess and they observe you ? not sure i had a lovley lady.

Made me do a walk down a very long corridor which seemed forever yet i would of run that like anyone not so long back.. who knows we comes to us .

I said well i do not need for parking meters as don't really ever use any and the one i did i got a fine! because not displayed correctly where to pay which was way away..ohhh so i not really interested in them. maybe if i go to the seaside perhaps as the disance i had to walk was unreal i laid on a bench half way and i got photos!! in the summer .

(A lot of people fraud this for parking Meters which i only just learnt huh whyyyy am i gormlus sometimes) Well i don't use them like i say the one i did use i was disgusted with a fine and i fought it too as i had photgraphic evidence ! but it can be a tough fight.

I actually find that using a walking stick is too painful and sets certain things off that puts me in tears.

When your brought up with Tough love not much huggles and told to get up and get on with it and theres more fish in sea etc etc you battle pain, aches etc etc and think stop feeling sorry for yourself and get on with it but how can you get on with it if your body does not let you ??!!

I wish you allll the best way of coping and that things are not too tough


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hello fairycassie WELL DONE sweetheart you should have been given it before I am so pleased for you take care love beth xx


well done! relax and enjoy the freedom.




Thank you to both of you beth and sandra,

i never really knew i guess and was in denial as you think it will pass and leave you, so i started to think and sink in when Dr's were saying no and i think you need to see the Brain specialist again to help you cope ..i said i can cope but its my head that thinks it will disappear but its taking its time i kept saying lol ..

even the woman at the assessemnt gave me information on adaptions to the home!!!!!

i said 'if' not when ..she just replied and said when you need them heres the info and get the best!!! whaaaaaat lol ..still heads in a fuzzle with it all..

We used to have a rail up our garden stairs as some one disabled lived here previously and of course me running round jumping on bouncy castles took it down to make garden bigger .

i avoid the stairs now as no idea why but my legs and feet trip on them and then we put a fancy trelliss thing at side of top step to help me get up but its getting hard as its a high step arrrggh cannot win!!!

Will have to see if can get some help putting something easier to get up my step .

she asked why i not got a car adapted errrm because with running work we have no idea!! you do not think you can have any help. AM LEARNING



hi fairycassie so pleased that you have been awarded blue badge but sad that you needed it. my brother has hand controls in his car and he manages brilliantly. i have asked my hubby ( a carpenter by trade ) for a handrail up the stairs but he said you can hold on the other side , hmmm not when carrying my baby grandson i can't as i only have 1 hip that he can rest on , the other side is straight due to surgery,oh something good i did find is a laundry basket with handles it means i can carry it up and down stairs and hold on xx


So pleased that something nice happened for you fairycazzie. Thanks for sharing your good news with us! Jane x


hi iris,

yes it is both happiness relief and sadness tears all round but i never realised it was hubby!

i read it wrong i think ohhh they want my passport photo and 10.00 but no idea if awarded.

Then another letter came with 'I am pleased to say you have been awarded etc etc...i was smiley but instant tears!

omg this is real now i am now in the disabled club..

yes i look very healthy but suffer!!!!! you can tell the way i walk a lot and how i stand.

concentration its hard to listen to people and enjoy their talking sometimes.

Anyway you do brilliantly!! and i think wow and i got a badge and you are worse condition should i have waited longer but no because it has been a struggle and suffering and hands, wrists, fingers, feet am sure my bones under the ball is getting bigger on my right foot as its painful, so i do not know how you manage with grandson!!

i would be too scared out side on concrete steps carrying now and i am very very confident.

but you know what you are capable of too.

i would just use the grass lol

You should be very proud of yourself though iris for what you do do and that you do not say no just because of your conditions as a lot would as its kind of giving up but not giving up some just get depressive and find it hard to cope.

if i get any worse to a wheelchair and more pain i not a clue but i will defiantely hopefully still be coming on here and telling you all hahaah

My hubby is pretty handy too and his brother even more so!:-D he did The crosses for the Graves for my gran and grandads and he did my antys too he is very very good and should make a business of it , my hubby did the plaque and engraved so between them they are talaneted they jsut wont get their heads together!!

his brother has made gates, fences porches alsorts, he quite good with cars too but they are skint as flint as just live seperate lives and i keep saying you both need to sort as they on rubbish jobs taht are getting neither of them anywhere in life.

Anyways Big hugs Big Thanks will keep intouch inbox iris too supey dupey iris xxx

Thanks liberty -jane really llovely of you.

Why did i not get it last feb i do not know, but never thought about it then as thought my neck would get better, then even after seeing MRI and words 'degeneration everyone' just never sank in i guess and of corse spinal cord compression on nerves.. i just kept getting angry as i wanted to do my job physically but everytiiiiime i try it provoked it so now i pay others and i can never seem to have any money so not srue its all worth it stuck in middle wandering what to do. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Well done, still waiting for mine. She offered me a wheelchair to leave the hospital in when we'd finished, so although that was embarrassing, hopefully she realised I was genuine! Told me I'd know in two's now been three - not sure if that will be good or bad news!


Lovely news. Sad to be in the club I know, but this should make life easier on occasions xx


Well done what marvelous helpful news. It makes life so much easier. I did not realise how good it was till I got one. Try and keep your spirits up Ihave degeneration of my spine both in my neck and in my lumbar and it is b-----dy awful sometime I cannot stand to even wash up - so OH has ote has to help. I haate it I have always been a doing type of personhard to just sit about drives me stir crazy. The pain killers do a lot but they still only touch the surface.......... less about me. I can see you making use of your badge good job xgins


Well done hun,

About time we heard good news - just applying for Dla myself so this gives me encouragement to think positive - When you finally get to the seaside (summer) have an ice cream for us lol.

Enjoy your freedom and dont overdo it - you know how payback is lol

luv n hugs xxx


I am so glad you got your blue badge, it is about time too xxxxx


Belated congrats hun xx


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