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In University with Fibro and Bipolar

hi everyone

im starting university next month (big challenge but i have to try...) and they asked me what kind of support do i need from the disable studdent support. its my first time at uni, and i know its stressfull and hard and that is not gonna be easy but at the same time i dont know what to answer them cause everyday is a mistery and everyday is different as we all know. I know transport is going to be an issue because the university is 35 miles from home and they are gonna be days where im not well to drive or i had to increase my medication and it will not be safe to do so. anyone who has been in uni under the disable student support that can give me some advice or any ideas my friends?


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Hi there and good on you for trying . I don't know what support they can give but the things that your illnesses make difficult for you , if I may suggest is to make a list of these things and ask is there any help that would be available for you, or even if there was times when only study would be needed and you may be able to stay home and do some work etc. don't know if that's any help but all I can think of at the mo. Good luck and take care xx


Hello Bluehabog,

Welcome to the FibroAction Community! :)

I must admit I had long finished Uni before my Fibro started but there may be other members who are either been to or currently at Uni that can help advise more.

I think looking upon the situation from my perspective I think that stress reduction, coping mechanisms, relaxation (maybe Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)), good sleep are all things that you may need to think about. As stress, poor sleep etc have the potential to exacerbate Fibro and may have a great impact on your coping ability to manage the condition (pain & fatigue) affecting mobility and therefore getting to lectures. Why not look up about PMR, relaxation etc in the search bar as there are many posts about these subjects!

It might be worth keeping a diary of your symptoms, triggers and any patterns too, so you can maybe learn to listen to your body. Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaires are sometimes a good way to keep track, here's a link;

I wonder whether you can think about simple things like if in halls can you be situated where others will not disturb sleep if coming in late, bedding (maybe a portable memory foam single topper) etc. Also getting as much outside support for Fibro as possible and knowing someone with Fibro in the area could be helpful to you.


Don't forget we are here if you need us as a support, if you need to post at anytime too. Most members report the community to be both informative & supportive. Please check out our website too for evidenced based information all about Fibro and if you'd like posters and flyers to put up at Uni please email us

I would also like to provide you with this link to the Disability Rights UK who seem to offer a wide range of supportive resources for students with disabilities.

I hope this helps a little, I expect others will comment with more advice.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


I think you are very courageous in going to Uni and really wish you well. I presume you are travelling from home but wonder whether you would get priority for Halls of Residence which are normally very near to the University to cut down on your travelling during the week. Would there be ways of you getting notes of any lectures you miss if you are having a bad period with your health or could the lecture be recorded for you. I think the links that MDaisy have given you will also give you some excellent information. Please let us know how you get on.x


Hi bluebahog

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I also finished Uni before I became ill, but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with your course.

It may help to make a list as you go along and then you will have something to present to them. The first thing on the list I think you have already raised yourself, transport?

Good luck

Ken x


Hi Bluebahog, hope your not feeling to bad today. I started a degree myself back in March, I felt needed to try and keep my brain ticking over. You will need to apply for Student Finance, this can be done online. On the application there is a section on disability, here you can also apply for Disabled Student Allowance. It maybe useful if you got any recent letters with your diagnosis together as you may have to send these at some point in support of this application. You will be assessed , please don't worry as you chose the assessment centre yourself. The people here go over with you how your illness affects you and work with you in deciding what support you may need to complete your course. Once it has been confirmed what support you need the university can be notified.

If you have not applied yet do so now as it can take a while. I don't have Student Finance web address to hand but you can google it. Make sure it says dot gov uk.

Hope this has been some help and not to long winded. If I can help any further please let me know.

Good luck.

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Sorry through the assessment they can assess possible transport or anything else related to your studying.


Hello, I can help you here. I work as a University specialist mentor which is to help/guide university students who have disabilities with various universities in the North East. I would advise you to be entirely honest when you are declaring your needs and express what your concerns are. This way, the support plan will be tailored to your needs. I am now starting my 3rd academic year. I wish you all the best and I am sure that you will be doing well.

Take care


I don't have any advice but am so proud that even with your disabilities you are going after your dreams. I pray that you have much success and that it won't be as bad on you as you fear!!! Good Luck Sweetheart!!! xxxx Mitzi


Hi, you have received a lot of advice on support fron everyone above. I just want to add another perspective.

I have been bipolar a lot longer than I have had FM. In my younger days, I considered this a stigma and hid it from everyone but family and my most intimate friends. I still don't shout it from the rooftops, but I have dealt with it and I am proud of that. Still working on dealing with fibro, lol.

Anyway, my point is, don't hold back when you talk to those who can provide you the support you need. Bipolar disease has its own needs.

I wish you all the best in your brave endeavor. Keep us updated!


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