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Anyone been given Duloxetine?

Has anyone been given a new medication to to the UK. Duloxetine?

I have been to see a Rhuematologist privately recently, because I just couldn't stand the pain I was in, it was so bad that it made me cry, and that just isn't me. I'm known as being a trooper because I have worked through so much pain that people just couldn't understand how I could keep going. But I also new that I had to see someone without having to go onto the 3mth waiting list.

My husband went with me to see my GP and said "right we will pay, she just can't keep going on like this". My GP prepared a letter to give him and I saw him 1wk later. I had previously 3mths ago had some Xrays taken through my GP. When the Consultant examined me he said, that what had happened was because my body was trying to counteract the pain in my back, that is permanantly there. My body had try to comfort it by leaning more to the right and has caused me to get a Curveture of the Spine which had shown up on the Xray. He said that there is nothing we can do now to correct it and that I have also got Osteoarthritis in my hands, feet and neck, my 1st. 3rd and 5th Vertabra in my neck are also out of line and to risky to operate on or try to manipulate back, but he wanted me to see a Physiotherapist who is top in his field and really knows about Fibromyalgia".

I also told him that I had read that people with Fibro lacked in Seratonin. Is there anything that can be done about that to see if I was? He said "not without lengthy and costly investigations, it can't be checked by blood tests because it is in the brain, but a new medication has been under trials in America and has just got a licence in the UK" He said he would send a letter to my GP and recommend that I try it.

I went to see my GP yesterday and he said that he was a bit sceptical about these kind of things weather it will work or not, and that it was just a mild antidepressant. I have been taking Amytriptaline upto 150mg each night since I was diagnosed in 1996 that to is a mild antidepresent, and I so want to get of it. I have weened myself down to taking 25mg each night and now doesn't work at all. It's supposed to give you what they call a restorative sleep to help you face the next day. All that it has done over the years is made my weight go from 8st 4lbs. all my life to 11st.8lbs. and has caused me to be borderline Diabetus. I have tried to diet to get it of and now that I have reduced the dosage it is just starting to move. I have lost 4lbs this last week.It is known for it to put on weight.

So as you can see that I am also a bit dubious about taking this new Duloxetine in case that also has these bad side effects. Please help if you can and let me know if it does.

I also can't take anything for pain, when I do I either vomit or have severe nausea. from Newtalk44

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Yes I'm on it it's also called cymbalta, it's a medication that was

For people who where diabetic, because they get lots of pain

In there legs. Cymbalta is another name for it

It was then made an approved drug for fibro, it's an anti depressant

It realises a chemical from the brain called seratonin which is a feel

Good chemical, I am not sure how that makes the pain better.

Anyway I have been on this for the last two years, I thought that it

Was rubbish and from time to time I have stopped taking it as I thought

It did not work, only to go back on it again as the pain level is better with

This than without.

I have not put on any weight, in fact I have lost weight but lots of people

Might tell you different if you read the side effects it does say loss of appetite

My GP has just increased the dose, I think you start on a low dose and

Work you way up to a higher one I was on 30 which was not enough

I have had no side effects, only that if I did not take it in the morning I

Could not sleep.

It is not the answer alone you still need medication on top of this to stop

Your pain it only helps a little it's not going to change your life



Thankyou Viv for letting me know, I hope I don't put weight on as I am struggling to get it off what I have put on. It doesn't say on the instructions what time of day to take the Cymbalta only after food.but it can make you drowsy, so I thought I would try taking it after my evening meal. Hoping it will help me sleep better, I'm awake most of the night and I can't sleep in the day either even though I feel tired out. As I have said I can't take any pain killers, everything they have tried me on has made me either vomit or really bad nausea, to much to put up with. My GP says he has tried me on everything he knows. Let us hope they can find something soon to stop this horrible depilitating condition. Love from Anne/Newtalk44


No it's a problem it does not state any where does it when it take it

I found I could not sleep with it if I took it late

But my friend takes it in the evening and finds it

Suits her. So just have to try.

I also had a problem with sleep in the fact I never was able to

Sleep that's been for a very long time years I think any way I

Have a good GP who gave me sleeping tablets for a few months

This seemed to get my sleep pattern back I still wake up at

Night but sleep more at night, I don't need them now, doctors

Are a bit funny about giving sleeping tablets they say that

You get addicted to them but you know I would rather be

Addicted than not sleeping.

Anyway I found that did not happen to me, and for the first

Time in years I can sleep, I hope you find the cymbalta good

As I said I found I did not want so much to eat.

Medication like tramadol will make you feel sick and your

Doctor can give you a tablet to counteract this until your

Body gets used to them maybe he never thought to put

You on a anti sickness tablet they are called donperadon,

Like the wine, I expect my spelling is not correct on that

One so I hope you can work it out, you will need pain medication

As well I am afraid

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


I have been on Duloxtine since the specialist said it was good for fibro. one year now. I havent found no problems with it. I was also suppose to take tramadol with it, but It made me worse so Im still on co codomels 30/500 and I weaned my self off Gabapentin, because of the weight gain which is going, but my nerve pain is so bad and my doctor wants me to wait to see PMP before I start any others, its been a few weeks now and Im shaking alot and my back is really bad so Im hoping for something soon, I can stand extra pain for abit longer I have had this 4 years and I have been on all kinds, the doctors didnt know what was wrong for ages but basically my back and neck are f**ked like yours and I also lean over. I am waiting for appeals for ESA, again and DLA again and I honestly believe I should have this help but Its not been good for me with the system.


I was on this for a while ,but for me found it had no efect on pain or how i slept. i have been on so many things now and i find none work or they make me feel to ill when i take them.i weened myself off dosulepin and baclofen, i am now only taking temegesic for the pain. i have been told there is nothing more anyone can do for me so what i say is give it a try, it did make me loose weight, which was not good for me as i am underweight, but good luck i hope it works for you.


Thankyou for your reply, I'm sorry you can't get any joy from DLA. DON'T GIVE UP! I have been so bad for over 35yrs. After my brother said it was all in my head and that I thought I was going out of it. Diagnosed 16yrs ago. When I couldn't even get out of bed 10yrs ago because of the pain I was in, my GP told me to get in touch with the Social Services to get help. Which they did. They also told me to get in touch with DLA. One of them helped me to fill in the form and I sent it of. A few weeks later they sent a Doctor to my house. after he had examined me and asked both my husband and myself a lot of questions ( He wanted to know just how much I could do myself without help. ie: Dress and wash myself, Making beds, Housework etc.He said answer as if it was your worse day, and then on a good day) I don't have any good days. A few weeks later I got a letter saying that I had got the highest amount. I phoned them to make sure they had got it right. The lady that I spoke to asked me to read the letter back to her. It said that I had got it Indefinately. She said "It won't be a mistake, they don't give it to you if you are not deserving of it". SO KEEP TRYING!

I wish I could take pain killers, after my GP had tried me on everything he finally put me on Morphine. I was sick staight after taking it, after 3 days of this I phoned him, he said to stop it straight away and take Co-codomol 30/500mg. I was sick straight away with that as well. Since taking the Morphine it has done something to my systemn and I can't take anything now.

I do hope the Duloxetine helps, I thought it had only been licenced for the UK 6mths ago. I don't know if it's expensive so my GP hasn't given it to me,but the Consultant said I had to have it so perhaps they had to then. Do hope you get help. Love form Newtalk44.


Anything that is an opiate will make you feel or be sick

Tramadol is an opiate

Co codomol is a opiate

And morphine is a slightly stronger opiate

It effects a lots of people, making them feel sick or being sick

When people are put on these pain medications the GP will

Also give some thing to counteract these effects

Morphine is given to people who are in extreme pain and are coming

To the end of there life. And always with a anti Semitic which stops

The sickness.

Sorry I did not mean to scare you people with fibro are also' put

On morphine.

When I was first put on tramadol,I also felt sick and had to have

A anti Semitic to stop this but once I got used to tramadol I was

Able to stop it

Maybe your GP has already tried you on some thing to stop the


Cymbalta is expensive so the GP like to try other things first and

I believe it's been licensed for a long time at least more than 6 months



Dear Viv, my GP did give me some tablets to try to stop the sickness but they didn,t work. I had Co-codamol 30/500 for 10yrs before he put me on Morphine and I only was sick and bad nausea after he gave me the Morphine.

I wondered if Cymbalta was expensive because some have told me it has been around for 2yrs. My husband thinks it's only because we went privatly to see the consultant and he told my GP to give it to me. Only on 30mg for next 2 days then I have to increase them to 60mg, 1X30mg twice a day. So I will see how I go then. Keep fingers crossed that they help. Hugs from Anne



Thank you for your reply, I only know because I work

In a hospital, maybe the tablets were not strong enough to

Stop the sickness

Cymbalta, only helps a little with the pain, for a while I did

Stop taking them only to discover that my pain was

Better with them than without, they tend to stop that

Feeling you get in your legs I have just had my dose


They will help but it's not like pain medication, but it's

Worth taking, I hope they work for you

Lets face it nothing works 100 per cent, as long as

We can have a bit of life, and some of the pain goes,

They all have side effects. I don't think I would want

To be a drug addict makes you wonder why people

Take things when they don't have to.

I work in a prison hospital and tramadol is big business, in there

But I have never had a high from them so god knows

How many they put up there noses.

Anyway good luck it will help a,little

Hugs Viv


Dear rainy33,

thankyou for your reply. If it makes you lose weight that will be good for me. I have been trying for so long to get rid of the weight the Amytriptilene put on me. I also have a lot of other things wrong with me that I take medication for ie: Kidney Stones, Hiatus Hernia, High Blood Pressure and also had a Stroke 20yrs ago which made me lose the use of my whole left side, they said I wouldn't walk again. But being such a determined person I said no way. With help from my great Physio lady at the time who came everyday for the first 6wk after coming out of hospital, then 3 times a week after. I was walking with help in 3mths. I now have a walking stick and a Dissability Scooter to help me get around and take a 75mg E coated Asprin. I havn't been given any of the pain killers that you have had. Maybe they could clash with what I have to take already. It has taken a long time to sort my Blood Pressure out and take 3 different lots of medication for it, so perhaps thats why. I do hope you start to feel better soon. Love from Newtalk44.


Hi Newtalk, I take Duloxetine as part of my medication and I think it really helps. I have to take mine in the morning though as it stops me from sleeping if I take it in the evening. It seems to affect different people in different ways. I do hope you find it useful. All best wishes to you. Jane x


My Mom (Julie) has had it for a month now. For the first fortnight she had some side effects, she was very angry and short-tempered and was having to try really hard not to be nasty with people. For the last week she has been very tearful but thinks that is due to the stress she is under at the moment not the medication. She doesn't always need her painkillers every night now so overall she thinks duloxtine is helping.



I take duloxetine they help a little but I have put on weight.mazzer 2.


Hello Newtalk.... I feel for you so much reading your post and your pain.... It's so very much trial & error with any new drug treatments, & most of us have had cocktails of medications over the years to try & reach whatever agrees with our stomachs/systems and helps the pain somewhat (without the dreaded weight gain & side effects too!).

I have tried Duloxetine personally & it wasn't for me,... BUT, that does not mean it won't be for you or anyone else... You must give these a try if your GP has prescribed them to you as they might well be your answer to your pain issues and sleep problems.

When I took them I did not put on any excess weight & I don't remember it being an issue at the time with those particular meds, but I do understand how depressing it is as my weight went up over the years due to many trials on meds, but now I have found a mix that has settled me down which has put my weight back on a level, & I am sure that will happen for you too.... It just takes time & a little patience to find that right pain relief that is good for you.

All here for you anytime and all in the same boat in one way or another, which is a great feeling as we don't feel alone.... take care & let us know how you get on.... hugs to you.....Jane xx xx


this really helped me with the pain and I lost weight. However, it shot my high blood pressure sky high so I had to come off it immediately cold turkey. Everyone is different as to what helps, but personally I certainly would give it a try, but make sure a GP or nurse keeps an eye on your blood pressure. Good luck. x


Hi im on amitriptyline 15mg at night (anymore and i cant function at all the next morning), found i was piling on weight straightaway as it increased my appetite so much, been on it since feb this year. Last month i began taking duloxetine 30mg, I feel SO much better in my head and it also has lessened my appetite. I take it in the morning, eat normally during the day but by tea time i just dont fancy anything at all and this was my "picking time ie chocolate" so im so relieved!!!! Im new to this forum btw..this is my first post xxxx


Hi Sonnysmummy..... Welcome... this is a great place to chat & gather inforomation & make new friends.

Hope you are having a good/pain free day.... see you around soon hopefully.....Jane x


Hi sonnysmummy,

Do you take both Amitrityline and Duloxetine at the same time. I looked up if any other medication would interfere with Duloxetine and it mentioned both Amitriptyline and Aspirin. I take both, So I wondered if you had any side effects by taking them both together ? XXX


Amytriptyline is not going to effect severe pain! it's a mild anti depressant given to help you sleep. What a joke if your GP has convinced you that it should be sufficient. No wonder you are suffering so much!

As for Cymbalta, it didn't help me much until I was put at the 60mg per day dosage - which is the recommended minimum dose for Fibromyalgia. At least in Canada it is. If you are not at that dose, then ask your doctor why. Or ask to try it at that dose. Especially if you or your doctor is against narcotics.

I tried sooo many narcotics/pain relievers in the last several years. Tramadol worked the best for a while, but I soon needed over the rec'd dose. I am now on Nucynta, which is very similar to Tramadol, but without the constipation or nausea. No side effects I've noticed.

I am by no means pain free, nor do I expect to be. My doctor warned me early on that I may have to cope with this chronic pain all my life. That to expect to be pain free (on pain meds) is unrealistic and only asking for addiction. While it's hard to decide what an acceptable amount of pain is, I am at least coping better. I can get enough pain relief to sleep and function most of the time. I'm home bound, and don't get out but to doc appointments. For now, this is ok with me.

I highly recommend you talk to your pharmacist when it comes to medications. A pharmacist's job is all about medications. They know what is current, what is working best and will be happy to help you talk to your doctor about medications that are new or unfamiliar. This is how I found out about Nucynta. I tell everyone I know about this narcotic. It's not common, it's not readily abused and it tends to have less of a stigma attached to it as a consequence. Even doctors who are against prescribing narcotics may be interested in this medication for you.

Here's hoping you get the pain relief you deserve very soon. *gentle hugs* to you all


I know Duloxetine has been approved and available in the UK as an antidepressant for more than 2 years since that is how long I have been on it. I suspect what the doctor meant is that it is now available for pain relief. I was taking it for depression. It did not affect my weight though it can do. The only way to know is to try it and maybe keep a food diary so you can tell whether you are starting to eat more or more often, etc.

I take it in the morning together with omeprazole and sometimes a few water biscuits so I can have it as soon as I get up. For me it did not do anything for the pain, but I know it's worked for a friend of mine.

I am actually taking 30mg amitriptyline for the pain in combination with 60mg duloxetine for depression. When I started the amitriptyline I was getting very dizzy because of the combination but this settled within a few weeks. Right now I am slowly stopping the duloxetine so I can increase the amitriptyline since it is helping with my pain a lot. I found it lessened the side effects if I changed the dose of duloxetine slowly instead of going from 0 to 60mg. If this particular antidepressant does not help with your pain don't loose hope, there's several more out there which are routinely used for pain.


Hi I take duloxetine 30mg in the morning, the doc said i could go up to 60mg if i felt i needed to but ive only been on it a month so im staying at 30mg for now...amitriptyline 15mg at night.

No apparent side effects so far apart from the increased appetite at first but that is lessening now. I also take solpadol and ibuprofen when pain is bad. xx


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