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Update taking Duloxetine -uk


Hi I am new to the group and have been replying to people post. I have newly been diagnosed and have been taking Duloxetine 30mg, for the last 4 nights. I have noticed a small change in my mood. I am feeling perkier and have a bit more energy. I still have pain so not much difference there it’s probably early days. I have to go back to my GP next week to see how I am getting on and look at increasing the dose if I need it. Does medication actually take the pain away or am I asking too much? Would love to hear from your experience with Duloxetine. Hope everyone has a lovely day.

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Your so lucky. I took my first dose of duloxetine today and ended up back in the doctors,had a allergic reaction to it.

I was so hoping it was going to work for me.

I really hope it helps you with the pain.xx

Also there are a few people on here who takes it and it works for the pain.

My g.p did say before I started it,it would take about 6-8 weeks to work for pain but everyone is different.


So sorry to hear it did not work and thank you for the information. Hopefully you find a tablet that does work for you.

I'm allergic to alot of meds,it trial and error with me.lol.

Got to start back on citalopram tomorrow and seeing my normal g.p in 2 weeks ,so will just have to try to cope with the pain till then.

I really hope it works for you 😊as it's horrible being in pain ain't it.☹


Ok I have just come off citalopram before i started Duloxetine. Try and hang on in there. There must be something that agrees with you. I agree it’s tiring being in pain all the time. I warm back helps me especially for back and neck pain. Keep us posted on how your getting on.

I'm limited what I can take,even the g.p said I'm very limited.

I was on Gabapentin for fibromalgia and topamax for hemiplegic migraines and the citalopram for depression.The gabapentin stopped working on a high dose and the topamax gave me kidney stones.I have always been ok on the citalopram but g.p thought he would try me on duloxetine so it would work for all my problems.

(It's been a rough month withdrawing of the pills,so really was hoping the duloxetine would agree with me)

I cannot take any nsaids meds as it plays my asthma up real bad and then I go into anaphylaxis shock.

I can't even take many antibiotics,which is a pain in the bum when you need them.

But I'm hoping by summer I will be on something which agrees with me so I can enjoy the summer.x

I too am on duloxetine i started on 30mg for 1 week then 60mg been on them for 3wks and like you my head feels bit clearer and mood slightly improved but has not improved my pain aspect in fact feel my pains/fatigue is heightened im unsure what to do myself sorry cant be much help too you but feel your concerns🙄

Jeep2000 in reply to MpJp

Hi don’t apologize this is very helpful information. It has been written in a previous reply to this post that it can take 6-8 weeks to notice any difference with the pain.


healthunlocked.com/fibromya..., hi there , as you will read we are all different what suits some will react badly for others, i have been on 60mg for around 10 months it has worked wonderful and I have had no anxiety/depression, it is supposed to help fibro pain which I feel it hasn’t really made much of a difference, but I just want to keep feeling the way I am, I didn’t get on with sertraline that made me more anxious,this is just my experience, so take care, I’ve posted a link above if you would like to lock your posts posts as only our community can see and not open to any other site engines on the internet x

You may find you need more than one particular form of analgesia. I personally take 6 different types, but found Duloxetine has helped me, although it did take about 6 weeks before I could start to reduce any other meds, including Morphine.

Thank you everyone for your reply’s. It just shows we all are different and need to try different tablets to find out what’s right for us. Does anyone actually live pain free with tablets for fibro?

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