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Hi all, hope you are well. So seen gp yesterday and she's changed my citalopram to duloxetine cause the pain, numbness, pins and needles and weakness has become beyond over bearing. Was just wondering if anyone here is taking or has tried duloxetine for nerve pain and has/did it help? As I have to wean off citalopram I'll be starting 30mg a day duloxetine 15th and then 60mg from 22nd.

Thanking you all in advance :-)

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Hi RayLewis88 , I am sorry I have no personal experience of either medication, but I do know it is very much trial and error to find a medication which suits you.

Have you seen a neurologist? Perhaps that will be the next step if Duloxetine brings you no relief.

I wish you well and fingers crossed this will work for you.


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Hi, no only consultant I've seen was rheumatologist who diagnosed fibro but a neurologist has never been mentioned. Like you said that may be the port of call but hopefully duloxetine helps. Thanks again for reply :-)


I've been on duloxetine for last couple of years, 120mg a day, quite hard to get used to them at first but now wouldn't be without them, I'm also on morphine and naproxen and allergy meds, can cause constipation at first and first couple of weeks felt agitated and upset, but if you can get through the first couple of weeks you do benifig from them, wishing you well with them xx


Hi RayLewis88

I have not used this medication myself but I wanted to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with it.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi I've also got the pins and needles all over, have had it in my feet 24/7 for year and a half now. Now up legs and arms into shoulder blades. Duloxetine did not work for me it made me very ill and I had to stop taking it. I've been on Gabapentin for more than 2 months now and that is not working either. I hope that you find that it does work for you. That's the thing about fibro it's always trial and error as what works for one person does not for the other! By the way a podiatrist and rheumatologist consultant also suggested that I might need to be referred to Neurology but the doctors don't seem keen to follow it up!

All the best

X x


Hi, yeah I tried gabapentin for 4 months which didn't touch me. Been without any pain meds since February and still got 5 days before I can start duloxetine. A neurologist has never been mentioned to me even though I'm symptomatic of neuropathic pain without diabetes. Don't know if that will be the next step if duloxetine doesn't work.

Thanks for reply :-)


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