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pain versus meds !!!!??

ok ,my gp has been weaning me off Pregablin as i didnt want to take them anymore ( weight gain ) and has introduced Prozac 20mg but can be raised to 60mg .

My Pregablin is now down to 50mg per day , for a week now , and my pain has returned quite strongly and stiffness increased and hobbling again nearly all the time !

I have read that Prozac can help with pain , and if so needs to hurry up ,as only 6 days Pregab left !

Despite all this , i do feel more with it at the mo than i normally do and quite happy but only been taking Prozac for just over a week so not sure if thats why!!!???

How long do you think i should wait before going back for some pain relief !? I do want to give Prozac a chance and i do not want to go back on Pregablin !

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Two different drugs really, Most anti depressents will help a little

With the pain but not as much as pregablin, the reason I would

Not go on pregablin is the weight gain and the fact that they are

Very addictive, can't win can we,

I am surprised your GP has not put you on cymbalta, which is the

Approved medication for fibro, it does help a little but nothing is

Going to take the pain away from you like pregablin maybe gabapentin

But that will put on weight as well, did you GP give you any thing for

Your pain, Prozac will not be enough for you it's a anti depressent

Not a pain medication what it does is release the seratonin in your

Brain which is the feel good chemical, it does help a little with

The pain but not a lot.

I hope he will give you some thing for your pain

Hugs viv


In the end I took myself off all medications and I use meditation, hypnotherapy, ice gel packs, hot packs, hot baths, daily stretches and exercises, trigger point massage, holistic massage (I learned how to massage myself and also I get my husband to massage parts I can't reach like my back, tens machine, and although it means that I have to spend all day nearly working on my pain I find I am much better in myself. I am amazed that currently I am able to sleep with severe bladder pain and the feeling of wanting to pee 24/7 which is the current symptoms that my body is choosing to torment me with. I think pain improves without medication in my case, and there are others that I have met who say the same thing.



I am new here but have had FMS for about 9 yrs but was only diagnosed in February this year.

Larissa you are in withdrawal from the lack of Pregabelin. Tell your GP you want it back and Prosac is a antidepressant which doesn't do the same thing at all. Certainly won't do anything for the pain and antidepressants take about 3-6 weeks to work.

I take Gabapentin 300mg TDS and have accepted that that is the one i am probably going to keep no matter what has i tried to come off it and had similar symptoms of withdrawal. I also take half the amount of pain killers i used to do with the same affect. They reduce the pain but it doesn't go altogether. I also suffer with bad osteoarthritis in my knees and hips.

I also meditate daily and practice mindfulness all the time. If i am experiencing pain in a certain part of my body then i focus on that part and i usually find that it has become tight or i am walking oddly or sitting askew and so i correct these things and it helps.

I think my biggest problems with the FMS is the depression, which i also take an antidepressant for and i have been seeing a counselor. It has helped that side of things at least now i can think. I also suffer from exhaustion and have to sleep or rest in the afternoons.

Don't let your GP bully you they don't know everything unless they have it as well.


Hi yes i'm med free too. I have acupuncture and bio resonance once a month and more recently using far infrared thermal therapy. I'm not completely pain free but what I have is now manageable. I take co Q 10 and magnesium. Epson salt baths are good. I feel these anti depressant type drugs add to the toxins on the body and block normal natural responses to pain. I was put on the anti depressants at the beginning. The side effects for me were worse than the pain in the end. I've tried various types. They have a feel good factor to them bit its short lived. My doctor just wanted to increase dosage.... Increasing side effects. Finding out what my food toxins are and learning some good meditation and pacing techniques has been much more useful to me. I think a certain amount of pain has to be expected and dealt with, bit much can be avoided simply by changing the diet x stepper


Thanks for responses.

I must say i am very lucky, i have a lovely gp

I know if i need to , i can go back and recieve something for the pain but weirdly enough i have had hardly any pain today !!!???

My gp told me that Prozac works well for about 25% of patients so i am still hoping i am one of those !!!! I do have Codeine if i need it.

I am trying to get back into the habbit of meditation but would like to learn more about diet , whats good for FM !!??


It's not unreasonable to ask about more effective pain relief Larissa. This doesn't have any bearing on you taking Prozac. You didn't mention if you are on any pain relief meds, if you are perhaps your GP thinks these are adequate in which case they need to be told that you need help managing your pain better.

Give the surgery a ring and see if you can speak to your GP over the telephone, they do this at my surgery, hopefully they will at yours too. If not, pop along when you can to see your GP and discuss this with them.

I hope you get some pain relief to help you very soon. Take care and please let us know how you get on. Here's a hug for you (((hug))) xx


Thankyou for advice and the hug !!! x


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