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Pain releif


hi i was on 50mg of amitryptiline for seven years for fibro but the side effects were bad stomach nasal and swollen legs so the dr suggested to come of amitryptiline and try gabbapentin took them for a week had terrible cramps in my stomach so pregablin was next 125mg a day one week in the pain in my legs and back were bad my joints were bad so had to come of them now the dr says that there is nothing else to try either back on the amitryptiline which i dont want to do or take nothing which is just stupid or back to the pain clinic can anybody else let me know what pain releif they are on and if they have had oroblems with these tablets thanks

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Hi Elainemary I have been on both of these tablets gabapentin didn't work and pregabalin just made me feel really sick 24/7 so came off both. I take Amitriptyline and am ok on them I also have morphine based patches that was given by pain clinic they are good. Try and speak with your doctor over the patches mine is reltrans patch you stick it on your skin for a week and it releases the medication slowly worth asking hope this helps

elainemary62 in reply to Worz65

thanks am on 10mg of amitryptiline and 2 co-dydromal every 4 hours till i get to the pain clinic what strength are you on x

Worz65 in reply to elainemary62

I was on 2 patches of 15mcg

One patch was a 5mcg

Other patch was 10mcg

I have dropped down to just the one patch of 10mcg seeing how it goes good luck at pain clinic hope they can sort you out x

elainemary62 in reply to Worz65

thanks fingers crossed x

I didn't get on with amitriptyline, so I take 25mg nortriptyline at night instead as it has less side effects, on days when I can't manage I take slow release tramadol along with paracetamol which I find really helps. I also like Epsom salt baths and those wheat bags you heat up in the microwave.

I agree. Tramadol and paracetamol and I take 30mg Amitrypteline at night. Surprised how well the paracetemol and paracetamol work together

thanks my drs are usless that i why im going back to the pain clinic hopefully some tablet will work for me

Hi. elainemary62 I'm on 2x25mg amitryptiline,at night, 400mg 4 times daily of gabapentin, 2x 500mg paracetamol 4 times daily, 2x 30mg dihydrocodiene 4 times daily, and I'm still in pain.

thanks for that will see what the pain clinic says really need some tablets that help

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