Bottling pain killers

Bottling pain killers

Hi just got back from a night out quite one but wine and shorts to go with it .

Can any one explain to me just now I feel happy no pain as I know of why cant these very brainy people make a pain killer so good without having to have to much to drink.

I feel like I could run on the beach do a cart wheel just now.

But for sure if I even tryed one I would not be walking at all tomorrow or for the next week or two.

Please some one bottle it up cheap and send me some Flight home and. I really don't want to face it so sad.

Take care from fuerteventura so nice hot easy life.

Good night big hugs to ever one xxxxxG

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  • I wish I had this kind of pain killer my friend. Please be careful though with consuming alcohol if you are taking a lot of medication.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken For your concern.

    Last night so I just over indulged a little, don't normal drink pitty the feeling is only shorted

    Your so sweet

    Take care G 😇😈

  • Be very careful my friend, alcohol 🍷 and painkillers are not good friends, you can easily pop your clogs' by mixing the two.

  • That is dangerous path. I wanted to reduce my perscription painkillers and a friend recommended a herbal replacement was just about to try it when found out it was weed.

  • I've heard that weed is very good for our type of pain! Lol😄😄

  • Not so good if u have asthma.

  • You don't have to smoke it it can be eaten also.

  • It can be in butter form so you can use it in baking or toast. In Amerika they gave cookies, little chocolates and cakes.

    I have not tried these and hate the idea of smoking. Apparently it can be prescribed on the NHS but only for MS patients.

    Personally I have read and chatted to American fibromyalgia friends who say it relaxes muscle, takes away pain, destresses and helps sleep. Anything that reduces the thirty five tablets I take a day without bad sideffects would be good. I'm not sure the multi national billions pharmaceutical industry would agree!


  • Think I'll ask my GP.

    I know it looks like dried herbs. But doesn't cooking destroy whatever it is that helps the pain?

  • I don't know about anyone elses picture but on mine is upside down so were you still under the influence when you posted. ha!ha!?

    Glad you enjoyed yourself but I bet you will be pleased to get back to the doglet. Pity you can't bring the sun back with

  • Don't know why I just couldn't post it right way up but if you stand on your head

    Home now lol back down to earth

  • I always feel much better when on hols too, when I came home it all flared up again my Dr said its because when we're away we get more rest, and exercise through walking in The fresh air, and no worries, if only it could be like that all the time 👍. Take care

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