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Is your pain worse at night?

Hi Fibromyalgia friends,

Do any of you feel your pain increase quite dramatically?

I've noticed about 11 o'clock pm, I start to feel my pain increase to the point I'm in agony. I am reduced to tears some days. I take pregablin, which has been brilliant, lots of other tablets too. My painkiller tablets are paracetamol , tramodol and meptid.

Would love to hear other people's experiences. Also, I have this problem, that I can't stand for than 20 seconds, before the pain in my back and legs is so horrendous, I just have to sit down. This is stopping me doing all the normal things, I can't stand in a queue anywhere, can't shop unless I use a disabled buggy.

Fibromyalgia has really changed my life, not for the better.😟😟

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Hi lizzyear,

Yep my pain is horrid come evening time and night time. If it starts getting bad by lunch time I no im in for horrible evening and night - usually when I'm flaring up that is tho. Day to day pain increases around 730pm.

Hope your ok not being able to stand must be so hard bless you

Keeley x


The more I do the more I am in pain. Early morning is bad with stiffness and pain on getting up then usually I have a period of a few hours when the pain is tolerable but as the day wears on the stiffness and pain increases until such a point I feel bed unfortunately is the only option as I can;t get at all comfy in a chair.

I am hopeless at standing still for any length of time and as you say queues are a nightmare and I can;t count how many times I have put something back that I was going to buy because one look at the long queue meant that purchasing it would be a no no.

I to take Pregablin as one of my meds and do feel it has helped me greatly with the burning, stabbing type of pain but not with the gnawing, achy type. I wish I could take a higher dosage than what I do now but unfortunately at a higher dosage I feel very fuzzy so it is a compromise.

Hope you find something that can help you more. Sometimes it helps just to be able to share our feelings with others who we know will understand.x


I know exactly how you feel Ditto all what you said


Yea my pain is worse at night mussials go tight feet legs go numb pian all over it's hell That's when I take two pregabilin and three loranzapam to knock me out I hope that answers your post xxx


Seems Im the odd one out here, my pain is worse and n the morning especially when I first wake up, once I take some painkillers it starts to ease a bit, then comes and goes during the day depending on what I'm doing.


Hugs from someone who uses a wheelchair due to similar difficulties. i find magnesium and ginger help with the pain and inflammation. i can only take co codamol at night because of nightmares associated with tramadol. i am worse at night.


I am genuinely sorry to read this, and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. My pain tends to come on more seriously depending on what tasks I am undertaking and they are not time related. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Standing is horrible. My pain specialist tells me to prop a leg up on an object when I stand. Not sure how to do this in the store or waiting in line. Haven't figured the standing thing yet.

Nighttime is bad and mornings are stiff. Blaaaaa.

Try to stay positive. Find times to laugh with friends or family.

Take care.


I have tablets of the doctors to help me sleep not sleeping tablets there are to relax you muscles while you are a sleep I cannot remember what they are called if you want to know just get back to me.


Yep that is me - symptoms can vary from dull to sharp pain anywhere in my body, itchy skin, migraine - you name it. I am also very stiff in the morning and find it hard to get going. A hot bath helps a lot

I am taking duloxetine and find that this does help with my symptoms during the day as I take it first thing in the morning rather than in the evening (it kept me awake at night). Sleep is elusive and comes in one/two hour bursts unless the pain is really bad and then I don't sleep at all. This will be a familiar scenario with many on this site.

I occasionally take a sleeping tablet if I am really desperate.

I have started to take magnesium to help with fatigue and sleep deprivation but it is too soon yet to say if this works or not.

I wish you all the best :-)



Hello there

What time do you take your pregabalin? I take 150mg morning and night. If I miss a dose I will be in extreme pain all night x


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