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Has anyone had injections in their back and if so did you get any releave. He said he will start with my spine then onto other joints have had them in knees but only got a few weeks wouldnt say pain free but eased it . but this one i had to go in for the day to have it just want to now if its worked on others and for how long .As the pain is getting worst and so is my mobility hope someone can help 🙏🙏

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  • Hi fibro10

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that your pain eases for you soon. I have never had anything of this nature myself but I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck my friend, and if this persists or gets any worse I would contact them and let them know how you are suffering as a result.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hiya I've had injections in my neck, spine and facets. I can't say they have ever given me any relief. The only one that ever worked is the ones in my coccix and they used to last 6 months. Wish I could still have them but its not safe to have any more unfortunately Everyone is different. Give them a go and they just might help you. You Never know till you try. Good luck

  • Hi there, just to let you know i've have similar problems and had my first injections in my back on 26th September and I know its not a cure but still in a lot of pain also have injections in my neck, hope you get some help with your back

  • Hi I've had 7 epidural injections of steroids and anti inflammatory in my spine, two lots in my facet joints and one in my shoulder

    All many years ago before my fusion surgery. They helped for about 6 months - never pain free but did ease it.

    I woild say go for it, otherwise you will never know if it will help.

    Wishing you all the best


  • I have had three of these myself and they did nothing at all to relieve my pain. I've had other friends that have had great success with them. As everything else it's a per person thing...which I know really doesn't help you to decide. Thinking of you and hope you get relief soon!

  • I had it in my facets I found it gave me about 6wks relief which was great but dr said it was pointless giving any more as it was ONLY 6wks , x

  • Morning I've just had the injections 2 weeks ago into my spine to help with my back pain due to fibromyalgia doctors said 2 weeks but still in severe pain. Don't think I will get them again could hardly move after theter. I'm in the Highlands and had to travel 3 hours to get to a hospital as only one doctor in Highlandso that does it.

  • Please take caution..I knew someone where the needle missed and caused severe health issues.

  • Some years ago I had injections into my facet joints - steroids I think, can't remember. The pain was eased considerably, but after five weeks I was back to where I had been before. However, it was a chance and I took it and don't regret that I did.

    Gentle hugs. Anna xx

  • Hi Yes I have had injections in my lower spine and they have worked really well no pain finally. I also went and saw a doctor privately and he gave me injections into my lower middle to lower spine just the anaesthetic to see if that was the nerves that they're affecting me. As I got up of his table I was pain-free. Could not believe it but he said it would only last for six hours and it did then the pain came back. I am due to go into hospital on 1st November to have all the same nerves and some more Lasered and then steroid injected into the nerves. So I know now that then I saw the private doctor and he injected me with anaesthetic that the nerves they're going to do at the nerves that are affected. If this works as well as the previous procedures then I am going to be so happy as I will be pain-free for at least one year to 2 years. This procedure can be done again. I wish you well and I hope I have given you some information that can help. Take care I wish you well.

  • hi iv had 4 lots of those injection in my back first one lasted 3 days nexted on last 3hours iv had acupuncter tryed phsyio nothing worked pain wise still as bad as was doctor took me of all meds put me on tramadol still no better even gave me hot chilli cream that not worked so just carrying on and lot s of rest

  • Hi I have had 2 injections the first one did not work and I was left in more pain than before I had it. A few years later my Pain Clinic recommended another injection. I did have the injection and although it was very uncomfortable it worked very well and lasted months. I was then able to complete some exercise to work on the muscles to give some strength to my back. Good luck and I hope it works for you.

  • Ive had in lower spine was ok they did stab some nerves as right foot felt damp all the time like wet but the odd one was i never had any boily/blister things come up on it for many years

    As i get fluid filled things come up on feet semi clear fluid that break then become sore

    they also caught one on my left bum side too it lasted for a while before got pains back but be careful as causes bone and liver issues have a read up on it just type in search bar on net brings it all up

  • Hiya fibro10, are we talking pain injections for fibro or bone pain? I,m waiting for an MRI scan of my coccyx area coz its mega painful sitting standing bending forward and now laying on my back, I thought it might be muscle pain that is pressing on this area? I will ask them to look if they can, let me know if you get relief, I,ve had "Kenalog" in the past (a steroid) mine was jabbed into big muscle in my bum to circulate all over my body so to avoid numerous injections, it worked fabulous BUT steroids can cause bone density to thin and so after 4 years my Rheumo doc made me stop and boy did I no it!

  • I'm afraid I've never had any on the medical advise we would need so many innjections to cover all the trigger for them all. But it's different for us all!

    Best of luck


  • From what I hear they rarely work for more than a couple weeks/months and there are alotbif bad side effects. Defiantly google it. I personally refused them

  • Hi, I've had steroid epidural injections and didn't think they done much but this past week my back and legs are really painful and I'm nearly due my second injection so I think it helped more then I first thought, I'd say have them as a lot of people get relief from them xx

  • Thank you everyone for your replys. I am going to have them as meds are not working at all so to hopefully get some releave even for a few weeks will be nice. As at the moment the pain levels are very high in my back hip and knees keep giveing way on me. Sending big hugs to everyone xxx

  • I have had steroid and anaesthetic injected into spine for cocycx pain it worked well but wore off after about 3 months. I had to go in to hospital for day as it is administered in theatre while under anaesthetic. Maybe this is why you need to stay in hospital for day

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