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Armless and Frozen Peas

For today's amusement it's my arms that are giving me the most pain, closely followed by the shoulders and lower back.

Me thinks a game of windmills is out.

Today is The Boys 14th birthday, he's happily scoffing jerky and playing a new Xbox game, gift from one sister.

Funny to think that about this time 14 years ago, I was undiagnosed with fibro or cancer but my arms, shoulders and lower back were hurting then too!

I was wandering around the market and shops, stopping to do breathing exercises whilst wondering, of the other sort, at the power of contractions and the miracles that are our bodies.

I don't know who was most frightened, the shop assistant who thought I was going to fall into the freezer as I bent over the frozen peas in order to both breathe and cool down, or the market stall owner who thought I was about to deliver! As if!!!

It was another 3 nights before the boy was finally delivered by c-section, I'm unresponsive when it comes to giving birth, or lazy!

I let everyone else do the work;))

Hugs to all you lovely folks (((((((((((()))))))))))

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Happy birthday to your boy I can just imagine him jerky in his mouth game controller in his hands. You had him best way, I had my 3 girls the hard way, I pushed them out in won't say the painful way as a c-section hurts like hell too, I have a friend who had 3 c-sections, I've had a hysterectomy and that hurt aswell. My girls were slow to join the world with my eldest it was Saturday evening till Tuesday morning 5 weeks before due date 6lb7oz she's 24 now , my second daughter was Tuesday evening till Wepdnesday morning she wasn't too bad 2 weeks and 3 days before due date 6lb2oz, I didn't get to hospital with her she was an unplanned home birth she's 23 now and the youngest Tuesday evening till Thursday morning 6lb1oz 11 days before due date, she only came then because they broke my waters and woosh she was out 10 minutes later she's 21 now, and no pain relief with any of the as I held of going to hospital till my waters broke if you count labour from then as hospital does then they were very has 3hour and 25minutes, 45minutes and10minutes. All without pain relief unless you count paracetamol with my first but that was earlier in the day on the Saturday for a headache gas and air made me sick and wasn't any time for anything else . Few that was long

The joys of child birth, and now my youngest baby has one of her own he's almost 17months in to everything of corse he knows he's not supposed to touch certain things because he looks at you he has his head down and looks from the corner of his eye he's got really long eye lashes which add to th e affect he's so cute when he looks at you like that.

But as you say it doesn't seem two minutes since they were babys .


Was beginning to think it was just me who went in for long labour! When I went into labour lunchtime on the day (Thursday) my sister gave birth I was so excited - I thought my son was going to be born on the same day as my niece - but no. Mark finally put in an appearance on the Monday afternoon - his official due date. I once sat and worked it out in actual hours - 99.5.

I'd always thought I'd only ever have one child, I'd grown up in a family as the second child of a woman who should only ever have had one child, so I'd never really considered having a big family - funnily enough my sister has four children! But as it turned out Mark was my third and only successful pregnancy as I couldn't face going through all that again anyway, I'd quickly learned that the first sign of pregnancy was how ill I was feeling, which would start well before I even missed a period and Mark turned out to be a child that needed a LOT of attention and energy - ADHD and night terrors. He may have been the teenager from hell but as a kid he was such a character and now he's an adult, I'm pleased to say we're getting on really well at last :)


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