Fever and sickness

Just sat here at nearly 3pm trying to get my self up and dressed but just too hard and feeling despair with it all! This is my 7 th day now and feel my system is attacking or being attacked! I have hardly eaten but can afford to lose weight, feel sick and nauseous having hot and cold sweats all the time and each day I think I will feel better but at the moment it isn't . Now these episodes happen on a regular basis say once every 2 months and can last 3 to 4 days. This is the longest. I narrowed it down to hormones as I am menopausal but still been having periods. This has been 64 days since my last one . The thing or question is does any one else suffer? Is this Fibro as it is ruining my life? I look after my mother and feel really guilty about being in bed all the time but feel too sick to get up. These sweats make me feel the worst and I am a baby if I am sick just it's just the worst feeling :-(

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  • I'm going through the sweats too and several other illness issues though apparently I am not yet even perry menopause according to the blood test...I wish someone would tell my body that when I have to change my clothes and bedding in the middle of the night and when My pillow is also soaked through too.

    Do you think maybe you may need some help yourself in terms of a carer to help you get up an dressed in the morning? Maybe a community care assessment is needed for yourself and your mums needs?

  • I have been told I am going through the menopause after I was getting hot flushes, I had a blood test and I've noticed its getting worse. A doctor told me a few years ago that she thought I might have menstrual arthritis and I have never heard of it. Could she have been right I wonder??

  • hi mumof5 you could ask your GP for a bloodtest which should say if you are menopausal, when my fibro flares i am unable to eat , i just have no appetite and its like chewing cardboard. I hope tomorrow is a better day x

  • Hi I had a test a few months back which said I was the lower end of normal ...however now irratic between 22-35 days and only for 2 days max really light when used to be 28 days on the dot for about 5-7 days heavy

  • What I can't understand is these flashes in menopause are supposed to last minutes at the most mine go on hours! They make me feel so ill. Got up at 4 pm my son came home and told me to get to bed as he could tell I was ill. Bless him he took care of my mum too. So here I am now at nearly eleven still hot and waiting for the hell that is now night. Sorry to be so down and really do wish every one a nice comfort able night

  • Hope you got some rest...I actually got more sleep when my children were small and i did night feeds

  • hi Sue i find it the same just a quick flush no way . mind you i look really healthy with colour in my cheeks ha ha x

  • Well still at it sweating and feverish although not quite as ill today. Just had a shower and sat here drying in my towels to keep warm my hair still damp through the last sweat. Needed to wash it really but takes an age to dry. Will try to get to see dr next week see if I can get some blood tests and see where I am upto

  • Sorry to hear how poorly you feel Sue, I hope you feel better tomorrow. Keep warm!

    Here's a hug for you (((hug))) xx

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