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Constant flare up and now the Norovirus

I feel SO ill. Constant pain from fibro and now on steroids and morphine patches. And 2 days ago I started having terrible stomach pains and I thought it was my Crohn's disease but the vomiting started so it must be the winter flu - Norovirus

Surely enough is enough...I would love a few weeks break from feeling so unwell. Now I'm hungry as well as in pain and a very sore bottom and ribs from reaching being sick.

Sorry to rant on about how poorly I feel but the last 2 days are my days off work and I've spent them yet again in bed :(

Beware people the winter bugs are about already.

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Hi lucy , I feel for you and I hope u feel a little better soon , I was going to write about how long can flares last , ive been in a flare for 2 weeks now im actually crying when I get up as im no better I hurt soo much ! Ive heard theres a sickness bug , so my heart goes out to you , its hard enough living with fm , let alone having bugs ontop. Big hugs x hope you start to get rid of the sickness , love angi x


Hi angi,

Thank you for replying, I shall wait and hope it goes real soon. The pain is unbearable like you say.


I feel for you Lucy, I had a flare up for about a month and it's only now starting to fade a bit, hang on in there it will go eventually :-). By the way what are you on steroids for as they don't work on fybro do they ? Hope you feel better very soon.


Hi Jessam,

I'm on steroids for my ulcerative colitis, but it does seem to be helping the fibro a bit. But nothing is helping the pains of Novovirus :(

Thanks for your reply


Hi Lucy, I'm sorry that you are feeling so rough, have you spoken with your GP about the way things are for you. You say it's Norovirus , but it could be something else, either way I feel you should make contact with your doctor and see what he/she thinks. You must also remember to drink lots to rehydrate yourself if you are being sick so much. it's hard when you're feeling so rough, but it is very important.

Sending loads of healing and positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Hi Foggy,

I have received an email from my consultant saying I must make contact with my GP ASAP. So you are quite correct in suggesting that. I'm now waiting for the call. I have terrible pains in my back where my ribs are not sure if it's connected. It could be my colitis but like you said it might be something else.

Many thanks for replying.


Hi Lucy! you are very welcome! I'm so pleased that your GP has made contact. Colitis is nasty, but you rally do need to be sure what is causing your problem. As I said, please do drink loads, I know its a hassle having to keep dashing to the loo, but it is much better to do that than end up in hospital on a drip because you have dehydrated.

Still sending lots of positive and healing vibes your way, do let us know how you get on :-)

Foggy x


Well I have been in hospital now since Friday evening and not going home anytime soon. Got a flare up of my colitis. Bored, fed up and they have stuck me in a side room on my own which is ok but very lonely.

Hurry up bowel and let the medicine begin to work !


What rotten luck you are having Lucy I know how tedious the side rooms are. Still at least you can chat with us. Foggy is so right try and consume lots of water it will wash you out and do you nothing but good.

Do you have visitors today? I hope so they are at least a relief from the tedium

Keep chatting by all means



My family had the Norovirus in 2005!! What a time that was!! My husband caught it in hospital and brought it home with him. The Norovirus loves places where lots of people are; hospitals, cruise ships, nursing homes, and it does NOT respond to antibacterial hand wash. It's a horrible thing, especially the projectile vomiting, which stayed with me for over 24 hours!!! My sympathies to anyone who has it or has had it!! XX


Hi lucy

Sorry to hear that you have fibro & suffering with nora virus I suffer from fibromyalgia & I have had nora viras since christmas eve still fighting the symptoms even today but it will get better I had it back in june but not as bad it will get better dont give up I hope you feel better



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