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Filling out an ESA 50 claim form? Read this Useful Information First!

This information is from the My Legal Website

"Employment & 'Support' Allowance

What the papers never tell you is how strict the rules for 'scroungers' are...

A complex set of rules which the claimant must follow on their 'customer journey'....

It's a journey which often goes wrong right from the start... Because people fill in their forms without knowing how it's all worked out according to complex rules....So lets put the law under the magnifying glass..."

It gives all the current ESA criteria and the scores that go with them.

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that is an amazing document, I can now see how they classify the answers and why so many people do not get ESA. I had it for a while but then I had a stupid medical which didn't look at any of my issues and they stopped it. !


Thank you so much - i'm still awaiting news of my claim but wish I had seen this before as it makes sense of what apppeared to me to be some pretty inane questions leading on to more and more inane things. The bench mark is set far far to low in muy humble opinion. muchly dottii x


i cantv get this link, is there any reason why?


Try this link - hope it works for you! :)


thanks libbyde, found what i wanted. and thanks again.


i dont know if any you are aware of this site called work and benifits,it costs you 20 quid or less to join and it is a very very helpful site,what it doesent know about E S A or D L A its not worth knowing,believe me its a great site.Sadly i was told about this site when my E S A form can in as this site gives you some fantastic tips about how to fill in your forms and also how to get ready for an appeal.I was put in the in a group to try and get me back into the work place,i rang them when i got my letter to ask them to re look at my form,that was in July,2 weeks ago i had to go and see my back to work adviser.I made my self ill with worry,up untill i had my accident than my fybro was diagnosed,i worked fulltime for years supporting myself and my 3 sons.Any way i followed some tips that i had read off the site i told you about.i went with unkempt hair,no make up on so i was grey than grey,i wore a pair of tracksuit bottoms and an old t shirt,just the things that i am like when my fybro at its worst when i cant be bothered.The site i told you about tells you that if you go to the dole all made up they turn you down for esa,as it shows if you can be bothered with your appearence you must be able to work,also dont take a child with you as because on there assesment sheet if you can look after a child you can be fit for work.Anyway back to my trip to the dole as i stated i was ill with worry as i know in my heart of hearts i could never go back to work with my illnesses,the young girl i saw was ok with me she told me to bang my appeal in even though they havent relooked at my claim yet and to get it filled in by someone who knows what there doing,she also told me she thinks i have had to go through is because when i put my last sicknote in which 2000 my old doctor had written i was unfit for work due to wait for it back ache,nothing else but that backache so thats how i have failed my esa .so good luck every one and take care Mxxxxx


I believe that FibroAction has a group membership to Benefits & Work and members of this site can access information on request via admin.

I used B&W for my DLA claims and my husbands ESA claims but always followed up with a visit to our local CAB as I felt it important that there would be physical assistance should there be an appeal. Hubby had to appeal his ESA and the CAB did the submissions for us and a member of staff attended the tribunal with us.


Either this ESA50 form is out of date or you have missed the first question which is on page 2, Tell us about any other help you might need? This relates to using public transport and getting to the medical, which also asks if you can get up and down stairs. The implication here is, if you can get to the medical unassisted on public transport, there is nothing wrong with you.


Im sorry everyone but I am physically disabled, dont have fibro.

I have just received the esa 50 and I am very concerned.

Can you help.

I cannot access the 'mylegal' site.

Also I dont want sound rude, but can I get more information of the benefitsandwork ESA info.


Hi renegadei

It may be advisable to create a 'New Post' for this question, so the members can see your question when they come onto the site? As then you will probably get more responses to it?

I sincerely hope that you are as well today as you possibly can be?



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