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I won't let fibro define me!

Got my pain meds almost sorted out, joined a slimming class so as to avoid putting weight on with my meds and the other day I joined a gym. I won't let fibro hold me back if I can help it. Got a letter from my doctor to say it was ok for me to join a gym. Going to use the tread mill and bikes as a bit of cardio is good for me, then I'll go for a nice relaxing swim before sitting in the steam room then the hot tub. However, today I am in so much pain, I felt sick and had to sit down so hoping the gym hot tub will ease away my aches when I go later on today.

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Take it step by step and do not over do it,

Tai chi is good too.

I tried the gym 2 yrs ago and was no good for me xx


My OH bought an exercise bike to lose weight because he was borderline diabetes and he's lost 2 stone !!!! and got his diabetes under control hopefully :-) But I tried it and it nearly killed me, so won't be doing that again, but I tried that's the main thing.

As said take a step at a time, when wer'e feeling ok it's so tempting to do it all, but we usually have to pay for it the following day, the thing is to try a bit of everything but to pace yourself and know when to stop. I find walking the best thing for me, and try to do at least half an hour walk a day, more if feeling up to it.


When im not feeling too unwell I love taking my dogs out on my bicycle. I walk whilst they are on the lead but as soon as I can let them off (im fortunate there are lots of country walks around here been in the suburbs) I ride fast downhill. Dogs love the speed a d distance! I can't always walk too far as my back, pelvis, hips, buttocks and legs hurt, but on my bike im fine.i do get some pain still but as long as I time my meds right I can ride with ease. I can't ride too well uphill but the exhilaration of speed and distance help with the stamina. its good cardiovascular exercise and the dogs benefit too! Its great on warm days as I can take a little pack lunch and make it a nice outing. Any more than just a quick outing leaves me in bed the next day or so but for me its so worth it. Xx

My bike is my crutch/wheelchair :-) xxx


I started at the gym through the health prescription programme through my doctor. You get a specially trained instructor to give you the proper way to start which is very slowly then build up. I would strongly recommend it as it will stop you overdoing things.


Well done you. Do take it slowly, as it is so easier to over do it. As they say "Slowly slowly catchy monkey" . I also started Slimming world a few months ago, I have lost 12.5 pounds so far. I tend to lose slowly only half a pound a week, but a loss is a loss and it soon starts mountain up. I also have started to go swimming 3 times a week and I am noticing the difference. You need to fine the type of execise that suits you best. Pain can still be bad and i just take extra painkillers but I know the exerise is doing me good. Keep up the good work.

Big hugs x


Hi - I too share your sentiments that FMS is not the total sum of you or any person with the condition. I am still learning how to pace properly, as I decided I was 'going for it' and like you have found that it really doesn't work. The principles of pacing sound easy - but the psychological and emotional aspects are very far from easy. I am trying to walk at least twice a day with my dog - and planning to start yoga this week. However, I overdid things at the weekend - so am now 'in recovery' until I do! I wish you well - and empathise with you - but lessons are always being learnt about managing the condition to have good days more often than not and not letting it (fms) manage you in ups and downs that stop you being able to plan and live everyday.

rest well and prosper xx


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