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OT ,Social worker & CAB

Last week I had a visit from the Occupational therapist who ordered me a bath board ,trolley,bed stick & perching stool.These arrived yesterday and are proving helpful.

I also saw the social worker,she is writing to DLA to add support to my claim & is applying for funding for meals on wheels for me as I can't prepare meals.They are the ones on the TV Wiltshire farm foods .

Yesterday I went to CAB for help in trying to get DLA (been refused twice) The lady wrote the form and a really good information section for me and copied relevant documents so I just have to put it in an envelope and post it!

I had a letter from ESA today to say that I have my home assessment on 17th november.between 4.30pm and 7.30pm! I'm usually in bed by then so I rang them up to get an earlier time.I also asked if the Dr who would be coming knew about fibro.The rather vague answer was that all the Drs are trained in all conditions.I said no they are not and could she put on my notes that I have requested a Dr who knows about fibro because if he came out and he didn't he would have to leave and it would be a waste of his and my time!

I didn't get my earlier appointment though.

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It's great you've got all your bits n bobs now to make life easier,I hope you get the meals on wheels,that will be a real benefit and one less thing go worry about,i used to be a home help and the food that was delivered was a good size and very nutriciouse (dont think i spelled that right) and the puds looked yummy!it's great you've got SS on board to help you get everything you need,and good on you asking about the doc and his knowledge of fibro,well of course all docs are trained in all conditions,however some docs only specialise in what they are interested in,fibro seems to be a bit down on the list!,sounds like you've got things pretty organised there,I'm still trying to get my head round my DLA appeals form,wish I had some help,ends up giving me headache!!good luck with the home assessment,keep us all up to date!x


Thanks pinkblossom. Why don't you ask Citizens advice for help? I just emailed them then they rang me with a number to ring to make an appointment.


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