Frightened after falling

Hi I had a fall last Saturday I didn't hurt myself as I have thick carpet but since then I,v had this feeling of being frightened and it won't go I saw the DLA Dr two weeks ago and he asked me about any falls I,v had little did I no that I wud fall I have fallen before but never had this feeling has anyone ever had it and I,m still waiting to hear from my DLA claim take care all

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  • If you've had a fall, it's understandable that you're nervous, but thank goodness you didn't injure yourself.

    If you feel unstable when walking, maybe a walking stick would help? It doesn't have to be a permanent fixture - just use it to help you get your confidence back.

    I hope you have success with your DLA claim.

    Moffy x

  • After falling and breaking ribs twice I am always afraid of falling again I furniture surf and if I do go out its walking sticks or OH ... .he saved me from falling into the road under a car recently so I understand exactly how you feel....

    VG x

  • I can't walk so I,v got a mobility scooter I,v fallen out side and broke my wrist but in doors I,v got very thick carpet thank god my knees go numb with the arthritis and the copd I can't breath so wen I got up I must have been getting up to fast or sum thing Cuz I went down with a bang thank u fingers crossed for DLA take care all :-)

  • I use crutches as i had a back op about 6yrs ago, something I wish I hadnt had done, but I did, I cant walk very far before my thigh muscle start to hurt and go into spasms feel weak and feel like they are going to go from underneath me,and if I stumble like I did the other day I cant seem to steady myself as its too painful to do so, so what im trying to say is a stick will help you to feel safe and have confidence in your self, take care, sorry if that doesnt make sense but im not that good at explaining things, u take care and gentle hugs to you ..Dee xx

  • I have falls and trips every week and for a long time it stopped me from going out alone as it is scary. I have learned to go slower and use a stick which gives me a safer feeling although it doesn't stop me tripping and falling. I have broken and dislocated toes and often bruise myself but touch wood so far not done too much damage. I have also made the house safer, no rugs in bedroom etc and have grab rails at steps.I dont wear heels either so am doing all I can do to make me safer.

    It takes time to feel safer again but you will get there.

  • I had a stroke in 2010 but recovered well apart from balance. Maybe you could try using a rollator. I wouldn't be without mine, it has a seat too so I can sit down anywhere and I feel more confident getting around shops. hope this helps x

  • Hi, ive had a fall back last summer and fractured my ankle, but ive had the same fear of falling for some time, my worst fear though is the fear of crossing roads even at crossings it really upsetting at times, I would talk to your gp about it possibly talk bout having theropy I found this to be helpful. If you have an understanding gp, as I have then they should be able to help you. I went for cbt theropy best thing I ever did. Good luck.

  • I have grab rails and lots of aids in my flat I,v got sticks a walker and mobility scooter I,v fallen lots of times and been OK apart from bruises scrapes and a few bumps but I,v never had a feeling of being frightened I no my limits and won't or can't go further I,v got stage 3 copd so I can't breath I have arthritis in most joints and my knees go numb wen I stand up that's wen I fall my son sez I fall over fresh air I,v got hemophilia so I cud bleed so I have to go careful thank u all so much for answering its good to no I,v got sum friends take care all :-)

  • I,m seeing the Dr tomoro but I don't want any more meds I,v got so many I take now I take 30 or more tabs a day if I have a chest infection its another 8 on top of my others I,v got 3 inhalers and my nebulizer I use up to 6 times a day its far to many

  • i have falls all the time, social services have installed a life line with falls monitor in my home which is connected to a call centre. this is great although doesnt help when i am out and about. I also have crutches to stabilize myself and have recently got a wheelchair for long journeys as cant walk far.

    I get DLA but despite the falls, i was only awarded lower rate care and nothing for mobility !

    I hope you get your decision soon.

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