B/p sitting then standing

Morning hope ur all well as u can b I saw the falls team nurse yesterday Cuz I fall over a lot she took my b/p it was normal 140/80 she then said stand up and she took it again it was 110/40 in space of a minute it had gone rite down she said I have not got enuf oxygen going round in my blood so wen I stand I go dizzy and sum times fall so she will talk it over with the Dr and c wat happends either tablets or oxygen I don't really won't oxygen Cuz that means I,m going into the next stage of copd and I don't won't to go there I,m not ready to give in yet but I sposs if its going to help me then Iwill try by the way I,m still waiting to hear from DLA I put my claim in in march I,v seen the Dr 4 weeks ago don't no how long after seeing the Dr u have to Waite take care all have a great weekend :-)

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  • How dreadful for you. My friend is falling over a lot I think I'll pass this on to him. Soft hugs.

  • Gentle hugs

  • Thank you I didn't think about my b/p going down so low in the space of a minute from sitting down to standing up so ur never to old to learn sum thing new hugs back take care :-)

  • Hi cm49 I just wanted to say I'm glad I'm not the only one this happens to. I do go through fazes of falling over. I also get the feeling of it closing in on me as well. My blood pressure drops when I stand up aswell. I didn't know their was a falls team. Can you give me more info on them please as I think they could be useful to me. My OT said they can't do much more for me I have rails in my flat to help me. I also have a walking shower to help me aswell. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs. Angie

  • I,m not sure where u live but I,m in Weston we have a healthy living centre and the falls team work in there along sides with the Dr the ot were the ones who got all my aides I have chair raised toilet raised bed rail pillow lift trolley stool for kitchen sticks and my Walker the falls team cum to visit u if u don't won't to go to them they check or meds b/p oxygen level mine keeps changing its 94 now the nurse will talk about or case to a Dr and find out the best way I can b helped I,v got a mobility scooter from mobility trust they raised the money for me until I c the nurse again I,m not sure wat else can b done but I can keep u informed if u like take care

  • Know how u feel hun.I've dislocated my shoulders 5times now from falling.It's awful.Hugs.xxx

  • Hi there,with regards to the DLA claim.It can take quite a few months when you put your claim in so don't worry.I think mine took about 3 or 4 months and strange enough I actually got backdated pay from the day I applied put into my account before I got the letter from them which was a nice surprise,especially as it was just before Xmas time.Good luck with your claim,and if they turn you down contact cab to ask if they can help you appeal x

  • This is postural hypotension. It can happen to anyone. It often happens to me when standing from sitting. As my balance isn't good anyway, it worries me in case I fall!! XX

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