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Morning everyone, well went into Nottingham for my interview, the lady was very nice and saw my condition, she asked me about my health and to my surprise her mum had/got Fibro, told her i had filled in another ATOS form for a medical, she found out i was put on a 6 month review by ATos she said i should perhaps be on the support group but not her decision and would hold off doing my cv till after my next medical, she will phone me in 6 weeks for an update, then she said you have got a lot to offer an employer, doh


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  • It's good to know that somebody has knowledge about fibro and its effects on those like us. Am glad you found that person. Let's just hope awareness spreads, so that others have the same kind of outcome that you have had.

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    Hi druss, I had a similar reception when I went for my first work interview, the lady was really kind and immediately said that it was clear I was in no state to work so set up a reapplication - last week I got the "good" news that they have not changed their decision, so next week I must summon up the energy (goodness only knows where from) to hack back to the job centre and see what her advice is now, whether to go to appeal or whatever ....... It's a ghastly feeling having one's condition being judged by people, who quite often, have never even heard of our condition!

    I send you every good wish for your future. F.....iest x

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  • hi there, i think you should appeal, we all know about the pain we are in, appeal till you get the right decision, i will, good luck in your future as well, gentle hugs to the bits that don't hurt, x

  • Thank you SO much, i hope the CV doesn't come up any time now for me, the thought of putting what would be a very sketchy one, scare me rigid. Today is big pain day, so am taking things very slow and trying to keep warm. Thank for the gentle hugs x

  • please take it very easy, pace yourself that is what i try to do, pain i want to shout but then i would be shouting all the time, lol, take care x

  • well im newlydiagnosed with this horrible fibro all i got up 2 now is a name for my suffering i have struggled on and just put up for what seems like forever , until i had no more tolerance to things and to make things worse i slipped and hurt my back which due to the fibro im told is why its still so painful . i am scared listening to all these stories as i work full time cleaning wel i did until recently so i dread my job laying me off but i know its inevertable as i physically cant do it anymore . i do hope everyone gets the help and understanding this condition deserves x

  • There are jobs you can do, like be a govt minister or member of the royal family, in fact any job that does not require you to work is suitable. Peace envoy is a good one, chief exec of ATOS.... anyone?

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