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ATOS medical...Thursday...Croydon

Rang them to confirm appointment and explained needed it recorded, I then asked if they have wheelchair ramps and lifts, The answer was NO, how on earth are they supposed to be giving medicals to disabled people, or people with walkling disabilities? This centre was in Croydon. I was thena sked if I could get to Hastings as this medical centre has whellchair access. I asked for an appointment there and then, NO, they will have to reassess and get back to me. WHAT A JOKE!

Basically, if you do not ask the correct questions you will be stuck at the bottom of the building not being able to get to the 1st floor for the medical.

I just hop this does not go against me in anyway, I've heard horror stories that people whi have been in such pain, too much to be touched were put down as refusing to take the meidcal.

ATOS, no humanity or compasion

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Tell them they'll have to come down to ground floor to see you! Don't let them make you do anyything that causes pain either Good luck x


hello just wanted to say good luck for thursday take care love beth x


Absolute madness gps have disabled access hospitals even my dentist does and patients with limited mobility get to see the two dentists on the ground floor my OH and son go to one upstairs so for a mobility assesment to be inaccessible ...... Well if you had posted this on April 1 st I would have laughed at the joke... As it is well it just beggars belief

VG x


I advocat writing to your MP, end of th day th government commissioned ATOS and they are in breach of the DDA. I wrote to mine recently because the Rheumatology appoitnments for urgent cases had a15 week waiting list, so undiagnosed at that point and uncontrolled pain and I was expected to wait, as it happens I had an emergency hospital admission as was diagnosed then. I believe in January the hospital is setting up a 'walk in' rheumatology for flare ups :). We do have a voice x x x good luck xx


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