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What a lovely day - took OH out

We did not do any thing particularly mad but pottered about managed to get him a couple of new eourmous shirts ( small controversy about colour) Then a little Christmas shopping we collected a small balance bike for small grandchild. It is glorious red yellow and blue and it makes me smile to see it sitting waiting to be wrapped up. Got a Bob the builder bike helmet to go with it :) I am looking forward to seeing his little face when he opens it!.

Then Toys Rus got a visit and now both rather weary we went for lunch.

The highlight of his 70th was when his grandchildren and children rang and all sang to him it was lovely. It was such a shame the party had to be moved to next week but it was really the only thing we could do both having been laid so low with that horrid stomach bug.

So I have a week to try and get ready for 20 people coming over - looking forward to it!

I felt it was a day to remember we did not Bicker and just enjoyed being together some how even his hearing was OK usually he is so deaf it is actually makin me slightly deaf too!

So today I shall start by trying to sort the kitchen out ugh I can only manage small bits at time as hip is argueing with me rather a lot when I stand. So small bits it will be On wards and upwards :)

Have a good day y fibro friends xgins

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Hi gins ,

Glad you had a lovely day... Don't overdo it ... Make sure you have reserves for your 20 people over. In fact why don't you have a party when . They come over ... A cleaning party.. You provide food , drink and entertain children with OH while the adults clean the house for you

Grins sneakily

VG xx


as always a superb idea I wish I had thought of that before I could have had a put the garden to bed party or as you suggest clean the house but I would not want any one in my muck so I would probably clean before they got here :) take care :) xgins


So pleased you had a good day Gins and that you managed to buy the shirt too!

It sounds like you have a lot to prepare, make sure you don't overdo it. Do a little, then rest a while, then do a little more, rest etc (pace yourself). Otherwise you will burn yourself out and be too worn out to do anything. If you pace yourself, you will get what you need to do done and hopefully still have enough energy to cope with everyone coming.

Get the OH to help you, it will do him good too. Even helping with something small will be less for you to do. :)


morning Liberty you are right it is so easy to overdo ones self but my back stops me short and I have to sit I suppose it is a good thing now and then :) OH tries very hard but he is getting very old all of a sudden I know 70 is not that old but it makes him sleep so much like every afternoon evening and night so much I have even wondered if there might be something wrong with him (shrugs) of course he wont go to Doc he is one of those.

Take care :) xgins


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