These days I seem to be quieter than normal, more so at work I feel like my confidence has slipped, but my actions don't match my how I feel, I don't feel like me it's weird, it's seems to be when I'm at work, and it's when I'm in a lot of pain, is that why I'm behaving this way, I don't know any more, does anyone else feel funny mood

Regards nicki xxx

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  • Hi nicki,I find my moods very a lot,you'll find your emotions change daily,weekly or it i could last for weeks or months,I don't know how long you've had fibro but iv been told its like a bereavement,I'm still coming to terms with it one year on and my funny feelings are all over the place,maybe you find with work that you feel your work mates don't understand what you've got,just a thought.this time of year doesn't help,long dark cold nights,I think your feelings will pass,just be kind to yourself and don't worry...Julie xx

  • Thank you just feels odd, hopefully it'll pass, it isn't me attal I have good days but but last two shifts I've been in a lot of pain and not wanting too be here but don't want to be off sick cos I love my job and don't want too loose it for being sick often

    Regards to you nick xxx

  • Hello there Homer, what you are describing is just like me! That's how I feel every single day since getting Fibro! I feel like me, I look like me, but I feel different, like someone else. I lack the confidence I once had (although no-one would ever know as I appear the same lol!), I lack the enthusiasm and energy.

    Some days are better than others but on the whole I tend to feel like this all the time, I think that's fairly usual with Fibro. I am far more emotional than I ever used to be too, I try to keep myself in check and make sure I count my blessings and realise what's important, it just requires more effort these days. :) It is also quite hard acclimatising to Fibro and difficult when other people don't understand the huge changes in our lives.

  • U understand well liberty that's exactly the same as me, it sucks, is this the new us ?????

    Regards nicki xxx

  • It doesn't have to be all bad Homer, it is possible to adjust and accept the changes. I find things generally take me longer, take more thought and I have to have a little word with myself to motivate me if that makes sense. I don't particularly like it, but I am determined it won't get the better of me and I am a stubborn mule at the best of times, so I battle with it all the time lol!

    I always say to myself things could be a lot worse, I am different but I could be worse. I find people's ignorance bugs me more than anything because there isn't much I can do about that, not for the lack of trying though lol! ;)

  • hi, whilst not at the moment I'll admit, it does have good times. I usually only realise how good things have been when I flare or my depression hits. I can honestly say that I have had long periods of good and these sustain me when not as I know they'll be good again. We do change and adapt as liberty says, but, remember, we've done that all our lives, we're just more aware now maybe.

    I've just got [monday] my new peugeot partner so I can take my scooter out with me. I feel hardly anything [not me] I scratched the wing mirror on the fence 2 days later - still nothing.

    I know I'll come through this and laugh at what I've done.

    I've made all the right noises to friends and family who are expecting the me that gets excited at a gift from the pound shop, but inside I'm sad.

    I know it doesn't sound that positive, but believe me, it will improve.



  • I forgot to add a hug and after reading what I've put I'm sending me one too!


  • Thanks Sandra, you hit the nail on the head, on the outside your still you, but on the inside feel different ,it's so strange,

    Much love too you. Xxx

  • Hi, I totally understand, I am in constant pain right now have been excessive pain for a week now and you are right I feel very low and vulnerable... My confidence left .. Still waiting for it to come home.. I went to do the weekly shop on my mobility scooter yesterday . They deliver fortunately I don't shop online as I like to find the reduced items that I can freeze

    Anyway when I got there it was lunchtime for the Lolcal secondary school and as soon as I saw the large amounts of I must say well behaved teenagers I just panicked at the thought of mingling .... I did it but the old me wouldn't have felt like that at all. When the pain eventually goes I hope you like me will feel your confidence return, fortunately I no longer work so on bad days I can curl up into my shell and wait for it to pass and don't feel bad or afraid to grieve for your old life... Once you have you learnt to adapt if you read my Christmas post ... I have learned to say no and now Christmas is totally different but as a family we love it and I don't even feel guilty

    Big hugs

    VG x

  • I replied to your message vg but it's down as a comment :-) xxxxxxxx

  • Thank you vg, I can say no quite well really, if i can get the word out !!!!! Can't get words out at the mo sound like a right plonker :-) it better pass soon!!!!! And I will read your xmasppst, I love Xmas :-) xxxx

    Big hugs too you xxxxxxx

  • Hi Nicki

    I can empathise with your post so much. When im in a fibro flare up I too feel vulnerable loose a bit of confidence and kinda feel disconnected from life and those around me - yoyr rite its a weird feeling! Im normally quiet bright and bubbly and I admit a bit loud :-) but Ive been told by work collegues that they know when im in pain as I become quieter and less focused. Thankfully my collegues are very supportive and they kinda know when to offer me xtra support or when to gove me space and when the flare up passes I generally go back to my happy wee self :-) hope you feeling more like your old self soon take care

    Dixie xx

  • Your so right it's like your talking about me, I asked a while ago about how do you know your having a flare up, I guess I'm having one now!!!!!!! My work colleagues havnt quite got it yet!!!!!!!!!!

    Big hugs to you and have a good day Dixie xxxxx

  • my team know when i am having an episode as i call it...they also say i go all quiet and less focussed. i was diagnosed about 15 years ago, but i think i have had it all my life. take care Cx

  • Hi Exactly......i have had a great summer in remission of the winter has brought it back...not too bad, but the worse thing is the FOG and exhaustion!!! i seem to be in it all the time at work. i am lucky i have a good team working with me who are my memory banks. they understand when i can't get the right word out, and help as much as they can. my tolerance of other people seem to be lower than it used to be and i get frustrated with myself and others too quickly. some days i feel totally inadequate and low in confidence. only my close team know how bad i can be and luckily they support me. i can hide how i feel from a lot of others. My Boss is conscious of FB and has said if it gets too bad we can try working from home, so i can rest more. i feel so lucky to have a great job and colleagues. have a good day Carol xx

  • My confidence goes up and down Sometimes i feel like i can't even put the recycling outside and other days i can go meet a friend for a cuppa but i feel like i can't go out alone unless i am meeting someone or picking up my children. I seem to have lost my confidence the less able i am to walk or on fog days drive. I feel vulnerable that's the only way i can explain it. Things are too loud and too bright sometimes and other times I am ok it does come and go depending on pain levels or brain fog symptoms. I think when the pain is bad we all go on automatic pilot and go through the motions.

    just wondering if you are on any medication cos sometimes that can make me feel slightly detached.

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