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Finally A Diagnosis!!

From being told I have 'Growing pains' when I was a kid, to the Doctors blaming my hyper-mobility, I have been given hundreds of different reasons as to why I'm in pain 99% of the time:

'Sometimes you body just gives out' (One of my favourites)

'It could be Psychological' (Not my favourite)

and many more.

Finally in February of this year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and it was a relief to put a name to all this pain. What I didn't realise was that the other things I'd started to experience, such as noise and light sensitivity, brain fog and stiff joints were all a part of it too; so a comment about my age being the cause (I'm only 35) was incorrect.

Now I know what 'This' is, I'm trying to work with it, but some days it's just so painful my eyes water. Although I don't like to think that others are going through the same, and in many cases much worse, it's good to be able to connect with those who know what having Fibro is like, and I don't feel as lost anymore.

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Yes it is great when you finally hear yes you have got ????!!!! so you dont feel like a fraud or that you are going mad i knew for over a year there was something very wrong you know youre own body dont you? you know that when things are happening and more frequently that something is not right i was lucky went to doctor when i finally got the courage to go as you really dont know what you are going to be told and lucky for me i read out my list of symptons which was quite a few i can tell you and straight away she said i think its fibromyalgia sent tme to see rheumatologist and that was abot 8 weeks or so later and i was in and out of his office within 15 mins holding fibro pamphlet and a letter saying discharged and that was that went back to doctor sorted out some medication and thats it really you are more or less on your own to do what yiucan when you can , i dont work i suffered a back injury at work in jan 2007 and have not worked since ans to be honest i know i could not work at the min not how i am even on fairly good days i know i could not be doing things for long so how all you out there do manage to hold down a job my hat goes off to you it really really does. but glad you found this site as i am it has been a godsend , you just put in what you may think is the silliest sympton and normally someone has it which is lovely as instantly your mind is at rest and you dont feel so alone. take care love and soft hugs Diddle xx


Thank you Diddle, for your reply. I did wonder if I was imagining the pain, but when I realised various parts of my body hurt when I wasn't thinking about it, I thought it had to be something different.

I hope things start to get a bit easier for you.

Take care,

jellie xo


Hi there jellie,

I too have hypermobility plus fibro and CFS/ME.

I cant beleive how many people with fibro have hypermobility too.

I was dx with fibro 3 years ago but only dx with hypermobility last week.

I am in so much pains especially my joints, my knees are the worst at the minute.

I too got told i had growing pains when a teenager.

Doctors thought i was depressed but the only thing that was depressing me was not having any answers too what was happening to me.

Its so difficult to explain to people that dont have it as they just dont get it, thats why i love this site.

kel xxx


hi guys, as a child i was diagnosed with rheumatism on my knees, things adding up now,, great how other sufferers bring things to light u forgot to mention, wishing u all the best


Thank you so much, it really does feel a bit better to know what is causing all the pain, fatigue etc.

Thank you all for your support. x


Hi Jellie

I too had 'growing pains' from the age of 3 (I am now nearly 47). My dear old nan who we used to live with used to get up with me during the night when I was walking the floorboards crying with the pain. Her remedy was to rub warm cold liver oil into my legs...it never helped, but the comfort and support helped.

Was finally diagnosed with Fibro/ME 5 years ago....nearly 40 years later. I do wonder about the NHS (in which I work) sometimes! I must have seen at least 30 specialists over the years etc., extrememly frustrating!

You are not alone Jelliie



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