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going back to work

I am due to go back to work after my hystrectomy op in november, but feel a little worried. i think that even though i am feeling better, i am not sure i am ready to go. I dont want to go back to soon, but dont want to look like im idle. I feel well and i am moving better, but at times my stomach still hurts if i move in certian ways. Not sure what to do. The bonus i Have is the back pain has gone now the growth has been removed and thank god its not anything sinister just a growth. Other pains have no been to bad but think that is because of all the rest i have had, i have come to realise that i do to much during the day and this is one of the problems. on the bright side my daughters baby is due in 4 weeks time and cant wait to meet him. had a brilliant baby shower for her on sunday and she had a lovely day.

hope evry one is not to bad and is also having something to look forward to.

regards and love ronald 53

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How long have you had off... I don't heal very well and had 6 months off after my hysterectomy went back fibro flared to worst ever so decided major life change gave up work and moved to much cheaper house in another area... Due to arthritis as well now moved to bungalow in same area.... If we downsize much more we will be in an Anderson shelter next

Have you asked about phased in return... And build up gradually my employers were great but in the end I just couldn't cope hoping you find a way that works for you

VG x


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