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Pain patches. Do they work!!

I have just been prescribed the pain patches BuTrans. In 5mg per hour does. Lowest I think. They have had no effect on my pain, but I have had no side effects either(I dont think!). I am not due back to see Dr. until next week to review, when I can obviously ask to up the dose. But what experience have others had with pain patches and can I take anything else with them? I have read the enclosed leaflett, but no where can I see that you can or cant take anything like paracetamol with them. Better go to pharmasist I think and ask. I like the idea of these weekly patches as I then don't forget to take my medication (strange as that sounds when you are in pain!) and you get a controlled even dose. But just wonder if they do work. XX

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Hello Sue.

I use the Hot pads on my painful areas, from time to time they do work, but mostly on the not so severe pain. I have found them to be beneficial. Good thing to ask your doctor to up the prescription, if the dosage is to low?. but ask him/her where you do not use the pad. xx



I'm a nurse, the patches are very good, but they take a time to get into

Your blood system so you have to,be patient, as it takes a while to work

These are used for patients who have cancer so yes very good and

They do work

It may be that your next patch will begin to take your pain away

You can take other medication with this but see your doctor first

As theses patches are an opiate so be patient. You may even

Need the amount put up but what you are on should be enough.

To begin with

Hope this helps

Love viv


Thank you so much for your reply. As I have only been on them for about 6 days I am perhaps being a little impatient. When aren't I !!?? I will certainly give them more time and anyway am not due back to the Drs. until next week so perhaps by then I will have seen an improvement in the pain control. Thank you again for taking the time to answer. XX


I found they did not stay on so for me they were no good as everytime I had shower or had hot flush the patches just came off. Tried alsorts of body areas but nothing worked. xx


Mine are staying on.(well only on week one so far!) but don't seem to be doing anything for the pain. But vivian60 gave me good advice, so will see how they go and when I see Dr. next week will see if just need to up dose.XX


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