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husband gone back to work :(

my husband has gone back to work after having nearly two weeks off ,

and i just want to cry ,having him at home was so lovely ,

i didnt realise how much he was doing to help me ,and now WHAM!

its just hit me ,i feel so panicky that i am on my own to look after 5 kids and a home today ,stupid i know ,

i just want to curl up somewhere and wait for him to come home ,but ofcourse i cant ,

right then here i come ! ready or not !

love to all and gentle hugs xxxxx

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Hi Lynz - and all,

So sorry you feel like that love, the holidays must be hard for you. Stay on here, we'll all chat all day, let them get on with it lol.

I'm going to see my hubby today, I haven't been for a few weeks. He doesn't know me so I sit there and he wanders about or sleeps bless him so I stay an hour and come home again. The carers and nurses are all lovely so we have a chat.

I've got an unexpected day off so I'm doing paperwork AGAIN and that's about it.

I slept for 10 hours last night!!!!

I've done my paperwork for the whole 4 days off at Easter and then yesterday my IBS was playing up so I had an early night.

Hugs xxx


thank god i do have all of you or i think i would go stir crazy lol


poor you hun, its not easy on your own! im counting down days to monday lol but then i feel guilty for not enjoying having them at home!! vicious circle!!

hope you feeling better hun xx


All the best Lynz we are all thinking of you




also lynz, have you thought about applying for dla or esa?

then you could seriously think about jason becoming your carer and getting carers allowance? you would get the help you need and you prob not be financially any different??

worth a thought hun xx

(ps if you need help with forms just ask as as you know been on dla for about 15 years so am old hand to those blasted forms lol)

hugs xxxxxxxx


i tried for dla after they stopped laughing they said no and when i appealled they said "NO"

and when i applied for a blue badge they said "no"

so i gave up i dont think i can cope with the nasty letters they send when they go through all of their decisions ,i cried for days ,and it really put me in a downward spiral of being deprest and feeling sorry for myself

but thanks hun for the offer of help hugs to you xxxx


one other option to consider as ive just checked up on this for you.

he could give up work and become your carer, you as a family would be entitled to housing and council tax benefit, child tax credit, carers allowance (and not sure how much for this next one) income support.

so dont let financial worries stop him becoming your carer!!! (also free school meals and help with uniforms) xx


when it has been 6 months since you applied for DLA let me know and i will help you with forms! it really is how you word it xx


thanks hun i will let you know ,and if you find the info on the dates for the N&N fibro meetings maybe we could meet each other up there ,i saw that sue had the info for someones question , xxxx


thank you all for the lovely comments you all really do keep me going :)

love and hugs to you all xxxxxxxxx


bless you it horrible when they home i suppose and take alot off you but he has to go to earn a curust and i suppose he is wishing he is ther perhaps buy a lottery ticet and you never know you may win lol . do you know though my girlds are 25 and 19 now and 1 at home and i so miss the times we were all here together when they were little yes it was hard in the holidays and i was on my own with them all the time but before you know it they will be off and nothing worset han walking into their empty bedrooms and all the life has gone out of them so make the most of them they wont want to know mum soon apart to get some money drop them somewhere pick them up and shoulder to cry on when they break up with people love to you diddle x


Thats the spirit Lynz, onwards and upwards. Kidz are hard work but soooo worth it, just wish I had a couple of my own around but am so grateful to my friends who lend me theirs.

Keep strong and carry on, love Angela xx


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