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How much more?

How much more?

An update on the OH and his op. He was opened up on Wednesday last week, but didn't have the op that he went in for, as they found a large desmoid tumour (they're benign, thank God) welding his small bowel to his pancreas, and removed that instead. He was thinking it was a waste of time being opened up, just for this, until the surgeon told him that it could've killed him by strangling the small bowel, or cutting off the blood supply. They're not now planning the other op, until he's seen specialists at other centres, which won't be for a good while, so they'll keep a check on him more often.

At the moment, though, I'm stressed up to the eyeballs. He's still in hospital, and - up until yesterday, when they moved him off critical care and onto a regular ward - I was in there from 11am until any time from 10pm to 7.30am the following morning (that was a particularly bad night for pain relief). I've barely eaten (the plus side is, I've lost half-a-stone), and I'm worried sick. He's constantly nauseous - unsurprising, as he's had his guts ripped open, and is on 2 painkillers where the top side-effect is nausea - but, rather than just give him ondansetron for nausea (which seems to work really well), they keep giving him cyclizine and buccastem, which do nothing; as a result, he's now been told he may have to have a naso-gastric tube again! Why can't they just get the right stuff into him first, and get him on the mend, rather than holding him back?

I'm in work at the moment, but I can't concentrate, and I'm just counting down the time to being able to get out of here to go and see him again. I've phoned his surgeon's secretary to see if I can speak to the surgeon, but she's on-call, so the secretary said she may not see her to pass on my message. The suspicious part of me is thinking that - as I'm only his girlfriend - the secretary thinks I have no rights, and she's probably correct, but I have to try something. He's desperate not to have that NG-tube, and I don't see how that's going to help!

Sorry to offload on you all, but I spend most of my time trying not to cry, or actually sobbing my eyes out at the moment, and I hate that I can only see him for 4 hours a day, most of which he's either asleep or feeling dreadful, and I can't do anything about it. I certainly can't from here.

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Oh my . Thank goodness it was benign .... But what stress and him being so Ill after no wonder you are feeling stressed . My OH op went fine but NO lifting anything for 4 weeks ... It's been 4 days and I am worn out doing everything......

I really hope your OH gets the best treatment... And TRY to get some rest for yourself... I know you want to be strong for him, but don't wreck yourself so when he gets better you are worn out.... Easier said than done I know

Wishing you both all the best

Hugs VG x


Thanks for finding the time to update us all. I have been thinking of you both since last week and wondering how things were going. Do try not to wear yourself out as you need to look after yourself first so that you can then be there for you BF. My thoughts and prayers are with you both and I am sending you both lots of healing, gentle hugs. OxOxOx Jane x


Wow it was lucky they removed it! Now I send you lots of courage you must be strong to be helpful to him. So smile on your face shoulders back my mum would say that and be strong. Hope his recovery continues well gentle hugs xgins


Thanks, guys! He's doing a little better at the moment - I had a nice long chat with his nursing team on Tuesday, and he spoke with the pain nurse yesterday, so we've nearly got him sorted. He's still needing oramorph, but I'm fairly sure that they can give him that to go home with, so it's not a barrier to him being discharged. He was sick again this morning, but even his doctor has now cottoned on to the fact that it's drug-related, so he's still hoping to have him out by the end of the week. At least, at home, he can have a proper sleep, without being woken for obs or by some other poor sod who's suffering!

All prayers and best wishes gratefully received! Gentle hugs to you all xx


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