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How do you cope

Hi, I really only try and post on here to answer questions or post something positive and I have read all the symptoms that people suffer from on here and lots seem at lot worse than mine... But I,ve reached a point where I am not coping. Due to autumn and the cold my arthritis has flared the 2ribs I broke last Christmas .. Which I was told would come back to annoy me in cold weather and I didn't believe it have indeed popped up to remind mei was careless enough to break them so they are going to moan... Along with a chostocondritis flare up means no bras again... My ibs has now been on the rampage for 5 weeks meds not helping so have to hand in a sample tomorrow ... How I am actually going to make it to the drs to hand it in as I am living on the toilet I am not sure. I am sooo tired I think due to the constant diahorrea .. My husband is going into hospital in just over a week for an op and has been told with his lungs he may have to go into intensive care after... And my son with aspergers has a chest infection and refuses to go to the drs and as he's way over 6ft although only 15 I can't physically get him there... My OH usually there to help with these things is working overtime so we can afford to live with his basic part time money while he is off sick. Normally with my old GP I would have gone to him and sorted myself out .. But he has retired and I just don't have the confidence in the other gps to go in whining I can't cope.

In the last week I have gone lacto gluten and wheat free... No help yet.. Got relaxation tapes etc but I am at my wits end. Will somebody please post that I am better off than them and give me a kick up the butt to get me out of this

Thanks VG xx

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Hi, I felt really angry to read your blog, then sad because you are beating yourself up for not coping better with a highly stressful set of problems. You need support!

First of all - burn the bras! I got rid of mine long ago. Why care what our boobs look like when we can be more comfortable without a bra. I am! I may have sagging boobs but I feel free from one source of discomfort and my ribs (also broken) are not painful!

Secondly, you and your son have ill health and both need some medical help - your son't schest infection, handing in a sample, diahorrea which prevents you from going to the doctors. You have the right to a home visit from a GPyour doctor. You have to trust that another doctor will be good enough, tell the surgery you feel too ill to make it there, that you are also a carer and need a home visit.

You are having to cope alone with a lot of problems all occurring at the same time and all stressful and worrying. Ask your GP to refer you to a counsellor for immediate short term support for you and also a carers support group. You need support and are entitled to it.

Aspergers Society have local support groups for your son and for you if you don't already know about them.

You are not whining, you are struggling with a situation many of us would have collapsed under. As for a kick up the butt, that will simply send you right back to the toilet!



Oh sue that last sentence sent me from tears to laughter ... That's why I love this site .. Support and humour... Plus the thought of what my OH is going to think when he gets home and finds all my bras dumped in a pile on the bed. Thank you so much. Will sort out gp for me and my son. That's two things I can do immediately.

VG xx


I agree with Sue, you are not whining, you are just suffering so much. It's enough to test anyone.I hope your husband will be okay.x


Firstly there is always someone worse of than you.........but that is not the point at the moment you have such a lot to contend with let alone the diarhorrea IBS what ever this will be worse with all the stress you are under I wish your OH all the best with his op .

Do not burn your bra. I personally think it is a great mistake to go bout floppy ing your boobs every wear. If I let mine loose it would alter the balance of the planet - do not do it unless you have little one.

Be positive get the doc to you x gins


I'm the same, gins - if I let mine hang out, they wobble like white blancmange, and keep my knees warm! ;) On the plus side, I've discovered ahh bras (other boob-slings are available ...), and they're definitely a help, as they don't dig in the ribs, sternum, or shoulders.

Good luck, VG - hope you're all on the mend soon! xx


Hmmm ...if I were to burn my bras 'The Great Fire of Manchester' might find its way into school history books! I always wear my Genie Bra when at home though as it is so comfy (again other brands are available ;)).

Be kind to yourself VG and as others have said, insist that help comes to you as you are not well enough to get out just yet. Hope your OHs op is successful and that you are both on e road to recovery very soon. Jane x


Dear verygrumpy

Please don't beat yourself up. I totally agree with Sue's comment above & hope that you are able to get some support from somewhere soon. As for whining... You're not!! You have a very difficult situation to cope with and lots of stress to manage and if sharing it on here helps then share away...

Wishing you all the very best. Be gentle with yourself.



No way are you whining. You are entitled to feel any way you want. I have often been accused of feeling sorry for myself when I have felt the way you feel, not by close family but people who declare themselves to be 'friends'. On here you have the real friends that know how you are feeling becasue at some point they have been there themselves. I myself am feeling low because my daughter is ill, and I know the severe water infection she has now can trigger her other illness, the one that has us on tenterhooks 24 hours a day. I find if I am feeling low then I tend to find a site dedicated to whatever health problem is making me feel this way so you are in the right place xxxxx


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