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esa/dwp/ just as bad as atos

hi, just read about a nurse who worked for atos, and said about atos lying about illnesses. must just say that i totally agree, but dont forget esa/dwp are just as bad. ive taped conversations from esa saying i was going for a medsical even before id filled out esa50 form,??. they are now trying to deny this to myself and my councillor, so at this moment im waiting to see what happens. ive also appealed being on wrag group, got a phone call from esa saying id been put in wrong group, should have been in support group instead . 5 months later ,i must have had miraculous recovery, as got another esa50 form to fill ou, and am now on wrag group yet again. so am now doing whole process again to see if i can get on support again. must say that my esa50 forms are all the same, nothing differs exept more symptoms,so how they can change me from group to group is beyond me. the amount of money and effort ive put into this is ridiculous, what with phone calls, doctors letters (£18 each) photo coping papers £5.90 to send forms, (registered to make sure they dont go walkies) is unbelievable, also not to forget how much stress, this puts on me ,well ive had enough and now enlisted my councillor to help, but after saying that ,they do seem to be mucking him about a bit aswell, but him i can deal with. sorry im a moan ,im just utterly fed up with all of this crap that esa/atos/dwp/ are putting out,. hallo, im not well,dont need all of this aswell. if esa are to be believed, then obviously my doctor,rheummy,consultant at pain clinic, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and evreyone else who ive seen, need to be looking for new jobs, as they obviously dont know what theyre talking about , and this one or two little upstart prats at esa/atos/ dwp know much better than them. ah that feels better, very sorry but had to get it off my very sore chest.

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Keep fighting and keep appealing glad you got it off your chest I am so glad we have a site to right our blogs on or i think i would explode sometimes.


The Atos Miracles R Us "Health Care Professionals" carry out the bidding of the DWP using the criteria they've been set. Atos say they don't make decisions but what they do is make recommendations. It's these recommendations which say whether they think that the claimant is fit/unfit and it's a DWP Decision Maker (who is not usually medically qualified) looks at those recommendations and in 94% of cases gets his rubber stamp out and agrees.

My husband is now on his 3rd form - his contributory ESA runs out on 7 November.



Good luck people I've been kucly so far no probs with my benefits but my badge is up for renewal so fingers crossed. Sithy


I have just had a atos medical and been told last week that I am fit to work. I had a op in 2012 to have abnormal cells removed from my breast and have had problems moving my arm lots of nerve pain I also have cfs and depression. I have been told by the DWP decision maker that" I am fit to work.That I have one arm that works. There are loads of people out there that are disabled and only have one arm that work so there for I am fit to return to work, also there are loads of jobs out there for people that can only use one arm". I have been told I have to sign on for job seekers when I arrived there for my first appointment I was asked what are you doing here your not fit to work. I have had to sign on as I have no money coming in and advised to be signed off now for my cfs and depression even though I am still having probs with my arm and op site. so i'm stuck between both the DWP and the job centre. Atos medical was a joke then twisted everything I said and also added things that were not true and ignored my cfs and depression to make sure that I was forced back to work. I am giddy with the effects of medication and stuck in bed everyday with my cfs and depression have pain in my op site and problems still with my arm. I will have forms to fill in with my new claim and need help with filling them in and really don't know who I should ask for help. I have to apply for work at present knowing that I am not fit to work. The thing that did make me laugh at was that atos are looking for a receptionist in my area. I may apply for it and if I get a interview the conversation regarding me being fit to work is going to very interesting one.the cab are helping with a medical reconsideration atos made sure I didn't even make one point out of 15. I showed them hospital appointments that are booked with the pain clinic and also a letter from the pain clinic and also physio. I just don't know where to turn for help.I don't see people apart from my kids..stuck in my own world..just don't know where to go next....I'm applying for working knowing that I can't do it. I can't get out my front door to do normal things let allow go to work....


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