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has anyone had atos medicals without being examined just report?

i havnt had an examinaton by atos for 2 year? first time they decided they were keeping me in wrag for a year, then foned esa as hadnt heard from atos for 2 month, and was told they were keeping me still in the wrag group for a further 18 month??? all without 2 medicals, ive asked for that copy as waiting for my tribunal date , its beggars belief xxx

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Hi, My gp wrote to them when I applied for ESA in 2010 and although I havent had a copy of the letter he sent, I have never had a medical with ATOS. I did include all of my medical appointments and reports too. I had to fill in the forms again in 2012 and just found out today that I have been signed offuntil August 2014 and they will contact me again around that time to reasess the sitation. Things have gotton worse and so I now have to apply for DLA and my GP has advised that he will do all he can to assist in the process. I am just so thankful that I have a great gp that takes the time to listen to me and understands my various illnesses.


Yeah same as. Above


Hi,ihad waited for six months to appel to go from the wrg to the support group with no answer my husband had ,had enought so he wrote to our local M.P and with in three weeks i have been for my appointment it was M.P is keeping a close eye on things he wants to know what is going on,so it worked for me so why dont you give it ago.What we did was e-mailed him with my history and he did the rest.kate



Just catching up on and noted you had not been given a medical by Atos. Likewise they've just put me in WRAG and now want me to attend an interview next month. I asked for a copy of the ESA decision relating to me and it had been done by an SRN who seemed not to know that Fibro and a lot of other conditions I have are all degenerative autoimune diseases.

She seemed to think I'd be able to work within 18 months which is incredible seeing as they have had to support and keep me on IB for the last nine years. Now at what was the women's retirement age they expect me to return to the workplace and I've lost all my work skills and would be off sick more than I was there! I have appealed for Support and am gathering additional evidence. I might well contact my MP too as its such a ridiculour system.


Hi. I had my ATOS medical 6 weeks ago. I am waiting for surgery on my lower spine and was unable to sit or stand in the same position for more than two minutes at a time and in great pain. The Nurse professional (not doctor) who carried out the interview saw the state I was in and seemed very sympathetic but NO MEDICAL EXAMINATION was carried out. I have been placed in the w.r.a.g. and I am stunned. I have appealed and My GP has given me a note for 2 months.


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