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Soooooooo tired !!

What a day today, my arthritis has flared up which has triggered a fibro flare up and now I have had to up all my medication. The fatigue is starting to rear its ugly head also, think an early night will be in order.

Feel so fed up with it all now and hate having to take all the pain killers etc but have learnt the hard way that taking tablets is the best policy.

Hope everyone else out there has had a good day.

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I have CFS - and boy do I know about tiredness .... beyond exhaustion! Get plenty of rest and hopefully it will pass.

Julie xx


Hi there

Yes you need to think of those little pills as your best friends! If they help take away your pain and fatigue then taking them is best.

The weather isn't helping either is it? Take your medication, snuggle up in bed and I hope you feel a little better tomorrow.

Piggie hugs xxxx


Thank you for your help and support I really feel like I am not on my own x I have taken some more tablets had a nice hot bath and am going to snuggle up in bed x

Thanks again xx


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