This afternoon I was out with my friend when she decided she wanted to go to Aldi for some odds 'n' ends. Normally I would just wait in the car but decided to go in with her to stretch my legs as I'd been sitting for a while. On our way out I spotted a sign in the window for a heated throw (£29.99) which was one of last Sunday's special buys, after a few minutes of umm-ing, arrr-ing and generally pondering I decided just to go for it - it was definitely a wise decision!

I'm now on my recliner chair with the throw (9 heat settings & a timer) over me, keeping me warm as toast while I watch the telly. As son & hubby are both upstairs (watching football or some other such nonsense) it also means I can keep cosy without having to heat the whole room.

Can definitely recommend - it's also washable & comes with a 3 year warranty.

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  • That sounds like a bargain; I'm going to try and get one for my BF's Mother as I think she would love it - that's Xmas sorted for her lol

    Julie xx

  • What a wonderful thing! You have given me an idea as that will make a great pressie for my MIL for Christmas! Might treat myself too!!Thanks for sharing. Jane x

  • good buy!

    I think I've got one somewhere. I hope so. thanks for reminding me.



  • Hi gurls tesco direct are also doing heated throws prices start at £18.00 think they might be a godsend for us fibromites during the cold nights :-)

    Dixie x

  • Brilliant... I dont think we have an Aldi close by so will try Tesco.. thank you for this information x

  • fantastic suggestion my Aunt will love one ( so will I) gins

  • Oohhhhh I,m usually too hot while my oh freezes.... Think I will get him one..... Thanks for the post

    VG x

  • do these things use a lot of electricity though?>

  • I've had a look online at various brands and they only use between 80-120 Watts/hour of electricity compared with halogen heaters which consume around 1400W/hr or a fan heater which consumes about 2000W/hr. One site I looked at said the heated throw (which was 100W) works out at about 1p per hour use so scaling up from that a 2000W fan heater would be about 20p/hr.

  • sounds a wonderful idea for my lovley Mum thankyou x

  • Hello, glad you found it so good for you, i bought one in Lidyl's was only £16.99 but excellent at what it does!! keeps the pains from my kneck shoulder spine area!! so happy warming to you all :-) xx

  • I got one from tesco a while ago and find it amazing xxx enjoy x

  • hi Lima6MCT

    thank you for your answer. was thinking of getting one for my son who has fybro..

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