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Cold weather and pains.

Hi everyone.

So I was going to go out with my friend today, but she cancelled it as we have 60-70mph winds in Newcastle (South Shields) and she cancelled it because she struggled walking in the wind, so she is concerned that if I go out in it I may fall and seriously injure myself. So as I do need to go out in this horrible weather as I have no gas, I'm going to do it late this afternoon as I have heard it should be less powerful then.

I am also looking at getting a electric blanket because when I go to bed on a nighttime my bed is freezing and it's taking forever to heat up, and I'm finding I'm in more pain due to the cold weather, my hip is going mad I went out with my friend last yesterday and as soon as I started walking the pain started and it's do annoying.

So I have also noticed I'm sleeping so much more then normal can't quite understand why?! Maybe I'm starting to hibernate as it's winter lol :')

I'm also getting my frequent migraines then what I used to get the only problem is that there light sensitive so I am usually restricted to a dark room or go back to sleep which takes up the whole day, wake up at 10an with a light sensitive migraine go back to sleep to then wake up at 6pm. To then grab something to eat and go back to sleep for another full nights sleep :/ not sure how that is possible but it is.

Thanks Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year :) xx

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Hi Susan :)

I'm only down the road from you in Sunderland and I think your friend gives good advice, its horrid outside and the strength of the wind is nasty hunny.

How are you keeping warm until you get the gas? I hope you're not sitting freezing it will make your hip worse if you get too cold.

I'm on a meter too and its frustrating when it goes off at times like this.

Hope you wrapped up well and have a hot water bottle and a hat :)

Warming fluffies for you Susan and stay safe :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi sian,

Nice to know someone is local to me, I have just seen the hail stone, I'm staying in bed to keep warm but I also have an electric heater if I need it.

Yeah it is frustrating so I'm going to wait for it to did down then gets some gas from the co op, wish we could too up our card via calling a number b do much easier that way.

Hope your keeping warm to :) xx


You do right its not pleasant out there today.

I agree about the phone top up thing too it would make life easier :)

I'm tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle :)

stay safe and stay warm :) xx


I will thanks, I'm going out late tonight so hopefully it's better then, I'm going to go to the shop and top up my gas and then get a taxi to my friends xx


Hi there,I have an electric blanket under my bedding all year around & I have an electric over blanket downstairs for those hard to warm up days... They both help my fibro in chilly days... Warm wishes & fluffy hugs xx


Thanks soozie, I'm going to buy my electric blanket next week when I get more money :)

Stay warm xx


It's always good with Fibro to keep warm, wear extra clothing such as base layers, thermals, leggings etc even when inside as we feel the cold. U need to keep the warmth next to your skin so that your muscles stay warm rather than at a distance through heating it works much better. Staying warm during the night is important to help u get quality sleep rather than hours. Problem with Fibro sufferers is that they tend not to go in to REM sleep which is the deep sleep pattern, we need this so our muscles and body can carry out any repairs it need's to through the night. Theses repair's are essential for a healthy well being because we do not get these we suffer even more and it contributes to the Fibro. Also because we lack the REM stage of sleep tiredness is more of a problem so we suffer even more so we become more tired suffer more pain and go through the circle continuous. So keeping warm, snug, cosy, and comfortable is important xxx


Thanks, yeah since the temp has gone down I'm in a lot more pain then usual. It's the first time in months iv had to double up on pain killers I have more then my normal amount of dehydrocodein, iv already taken my pain killers for the night and just had to do a top up just now. Trying to get out of bed is so hard and painful and I was using my bed leaver. Xx


Recognise everthing you mentioned from cold and pain, hibernation and migraines. It has been very hard to get anything done at all when you are hardly ever awake.For last five days i have been woken up early to get things done during daytime with a lot of laying down for a rest between tasks. Trying very hard to keep up this routine, will let you know if it lasts!


Thanks Shazzzy, I woke up this morning and had to get a taxi to my voluntary work and it's only a 10 min walk on a good day as I could feel the cold and it was to painful to walk it.

But my hips and bk are killing me, I'm waiting for my text phone to arrive so I can ring pain clinic and blast them 4 cancelling my appointment, I'm foaming as I still haven't seen the fibro specialist, as I am wanting a wheelchair cause my GP and local physio department won't send me for an assessment. So iv decided I'm going bk on the crutches cause I can't crawl everywhere :'( xx


Thats no good they should have given you an alternative date not just cancel you, especially when your in thst much pain hope you get assessment soon.


Thanks me to, hope you are well :) xx


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