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Update to eye pain and distorted vision

Well here I am after visit to gp letting you know as promised how it went. Doc was running hour late (not a good time for a fibro person to see him). I told him about my incident with the eye over the weekend and the residule loss of vision and pain in eye. Also told him my legs feel like lots of bees inside them and left leg not going where I put it. His response was that he hinks I had a migraine that lasted half hour, anyone heard of that? I sur havn't.

After not looking at my eye I have been refered to eye specalist goodness knows when and I asked if I can fly as on holliday next Monday and he said ask specalist. Apt for specialist will not be before the holiday so I guess I just go and hope for the best.

Gusee I am back on the wheel of pass the patient. x

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Hi So sorry your GP was not helpful if it gets any worse I would go straight to A and E and then they will get you straight into the eye clinic. I am so lucky that my GP is fantastic. Hope things improve quickly Sue xx


Not where I live you wouldn't. You''re also likely to have to sit around for hours before being seen in A&E, not good for us Fibromites. I have recently had eye drops from my doc for itching and dryness, which improved but once the drops were used up came back again. I go see my doc again this week.


Hi, I agree go to a e and they'll see you straight away, be careful when you fly tho ! Maybe get anuva doctor who is more in tune with yourself as having a good doctor really helps with this condition, take care Nicki


Thanks Nicki,

My doc says could be a while till I see the eye specalist and no need for a&e fingers crossed he knows what he is doing x


hi , i had problems a whie ago, so i booked myself with my optician, and she said my doctor should have suggested this. luckily mine wasn't serious, but its amazing what an optician can check for, i would go see one b4 you fly if it were me. tc soma x


Devonlady you need advice over whether it's safe for you to fly or not. You need to see a medical professional who can advise you about this before you expose yourself to pressure as experienced within an aeroplane. This can be potentially dangerous especially as you've experienced pain before in your eye. You can't be too careful protecting your eyesight. Please get advice before you go.

If you can't get a medical professional appointment, then please make an urgent optician appointment for a full eye examination and advice.


You need the pressure in your eye checking and your eye function, an optician can do this and advise you accordingly.


please go and see an optician before you fly.

A&E should get the eye clinic, but an optician will check eye pressure, the back of your eyes and more.




See an optician - ask to speak to one when you make the appointment as they may want a longer appointment so that they can dilate your pupil(s) and give the eye a more through examination than normal.

Your GP may well be right about the migraine though, there are many types besides the head splitting headache that is commonly experienced. In a migraine a blood vessel in your brain goes into spasm - so for example besides pain visual distortion is not uncommon, even aura migraines that are very much like a mini-stroke is possible. This may well have been what you experienced - a half hour aura migraine; they don't leave any leisons on the brain (which a stroke might) but are horribly scary at the time.

Take care

Julie xx


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