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night Hips knees, legs, ankles. feet. arms, hands fingers recommend microfiber body pillows

Morning all don't know if any one else has this problem at night but if my knees legs, ankles touch the pain shoots up my legs and is sore a long time which keeps me awake. But yesterday my hubby came in with 2 microfibre body pillows they are brill from Lidl just thought I would put it on post as I think the should be recommended

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Glad you found something to make you more comfortable as that sort of pressure pain is hideous!! :-/ We also have a memory foam mattress, buying it about 11 years ago now. It was expensive but I swear by it & find that nothing ever compares to it. Like you, I also use a couple of memory foam pillows to support any particularly sore areas/limbs... They are great for neck & shoulders too of course but I chose to have a traditional (Climarelle - which helps draw heat away) pillow for my head as I get so hot.

For when we go away (usually a night or 2 here & there throughout the year) we bought a memory foam mattress topper - it's a God send!!!! We recently had to stay overnight somewhere in a bed that felt like a pile of bricks with a sheet sling over them... Although my husband put the topper onto it by morning I was in agony & could feel every lump & bump of this rock hard mattress (which we had been reassured was "soft!!!"). I couldn't move for several days after!! :-( I was SO glad to have that topper as I hate to think what I'd have felt like otherwise...!!! And, so very glad to get home to my own bed!!

For those, like me who also have a problem with maintaining a comfortable temperature (I tend to be either raging hot or freezing cold) I'd thoroughly recommend a product that I know as "Climarelle" & have both pillows & duvet cover in this type of bedding. If you turn them one way up you get the Climarelle surface, which "reads" your body temperature & detects if you are too hot or too cold. If you are too hot it draws the heat away from you, cooling you down. If you're too cold it acts as a reflector by bouncing your own body heat back to you. If you turn the pillows or duvet cover over you get the "Comforelle" side, which acts like any other pillow or duvet - so each one gives you choice. I found these on the Internet & have been delighted with them, I bought mine on an offer of buying the duvet & getting 2 pillows (or 1 if you buy a single) free & always thank the day I found them.

Wishing you well. xxx

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Hi celticmoon Thank you for your reply I will have to give them a go if ESA sort me some money out. I have the same problems too hot or too cold most nights I only have a cotton sheet over me and still to hot even with the window open wide hale -rain or snow hub sleeps in spear room as he says my body tempe not normal yesterday 23 degrees my feet were like ice cubes its not normal and sat with flezze over me next min opening all doors wide my hub sat laughing


No problem... I did not sleep at all well until I discovered this. I still struggle at night & would definitely say that I'm a terrible insomniac but at least I'm comfortable while I'm counting sheep!! Every good wish. xx


Oooh, thank you for this. I think I will have to try those. I struggle at night too.


Hi fibro10

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these problems.

I really hope that the microfibre body pillows work great for you?

Take care

Ken x


I am having terrible computer problems right now but if anyone wants more info on the duvet & pillows I'm happy to help. I will search the Internet to see if I can still find them but would be surprised if they, or something like them are no longer available. I bought my son & daughter-in-law a set for Christmas about 4 years ago from the same place (can't remember the name of the company now) so they were still around then... ... ...! The duvet cost me £109 delivered & came with 2 free pillows... Expensive I know, but I've found it a worthwhile investment. x


Thank you for that information will let you know how I get on hope you have a good day


Just google Climarelle and loads of sites come up selling this product. X.


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