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Pain in both legs only when walking

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few year ago. My main problem has always been my legs. Only on walking though, followed by weakness in them. Mainly the thighs. I push myself to keep walking but it's like really deep ache. Not cramp. Start off OK. Going up any stairs is painful as well. When I sit down it goes immediately. Any thoughts x

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Hi officefairy, my legs are my main problem. They're very weak and I can't walk far at all. I do sometimes try to push myself but I'm not sure the pain is worth it. When I get back to the car it's difficult and very painful to lift my legs into the car. When I get home I can hardly climb the stairs to get to bed. I also find it difficult to turn over in bed, so I guess my core muscles are weak too.

I'm ok if all I do is potter around the house sitting down frequently, but I can't do that every day.

I've been to my GP for a chat. I told him I feel I'm going to become disabled (well, I already am) and unable to walk and I don't really understand why! He has referred me to physio so I am awaiting an appointment.

Have you spoken to your GP? Maybe a physio ref would help you. I might be ref to neurology as well as I have numbness and tingling in my feet.

Just because we have fibro shouldn't mean we don't get treatment.

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Thanks sewnsew,

That sounds like me. I haven't been to see GP for a long time with this. I'll make appointment asap to see what he thinks. Thanks for sharing, I don't feel alone without this now. X


Me again, that last line should read:

I don't feel alone WITH this now. Lol x

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Hi- this is deffo a fibro related problem, my main problem is legs, You really do need some physio to build up muscle power in your legs, if you dont?????? I go to hydrotherapy weekly and sometimes my legs tell me they,ve had enough when I walk, no more shopping I have mine delivered. ask your gp to refer you to physio for some help..good luck dont leave it.


Is it the movement of the legs that start the pain or the pressure of putting weight on it. When my hips are out of align it hurts to pull my leg forward when walking.

Sometimes the pain comes when i am put the pressure on the floor to walk, and that comes from the foot pulling on other muscles.

I feel, as a non medical person that the pain may be coming from a sore muscle that you are using when you walk. I personally massage and stretch and do tiny gentle exercises to help the muscles heal, when i find a tender one that is causing pain.

I don't know if this will for sure help others, but it helps me.

Good luck, if you are like me, a lot of muscle are sore pulling on a lot of muscles. :) don't get discouraged.

Take care××

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Thanks naturalnikki, more pain in muscle when actually walking. I'll try the massage. Seeing my GP also. X

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I do hope something brings you relief soon.

Good luck×


I get my core muscles in shape by going to a very good Pilates class twice a week. Our class works mostly lying on the floor and every move can be adapted for those of us less able souls. And of course the exercises can be done at home.


Hello officefairy This post caught my eye. Almost identical to my symptoms. Apart from its my calf, ankles and feet. I find it extremely painful to walk, I used a stick and wheelchair. When I sit the pain is less but I'm still very uncomfortable and pain after a short time and have to move. I also get numbness in my hips, tighs and heels.

My advice would be to see you gp be ask to be referred to a neurologist. It may be a issue your GP can help you with.

Best wishes,

Clumsy 🎀


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