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After being turned down for DLA twice I am now going to Tribunal on Thursday and wondered if anyone could give me any advice on what to expect I suffer from Fibro and have disc problems in my back, when I first filled in the form I didn't know about the disc problem just that I had a bad back, this has only come to light after an MRI scan. Any help and advice would please be welcome.


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sorry i havent been to one yet but i do wish you all the best for it just tell them everything your illness stops you doing xx



I had my tribunal yesterday after waiting for 2 years for it, basically there is a room with 3 people sat at a table, plus an administrator in the corner, the middle person is the independent judge, the person to his left in my case was a doctor and the person to his right is a disabled assessor (I can't remember what they called her, even though it was only yesterday). You need to take all your paperwork with you, all the paperwork that you have, they should already have a copy of (unless you have any new reports/medicals etc). They would have already been through all the papers prior to you getting there.

They then ask you loads of questions in turn, the doctor asks medicals questions and the disability person asks how it affects you in everyday life.

Once they have finished asking questions, they usually ask you to leave the room so they can discuss your case and hopefully make a decision.

With my case yesterday they were unable to make a decision and had to go away to look at the legalities or something so will be sending my decision by post, although I don't expect to be awarded it as I've been turned down so many times, although this was my first ever tribunal.

Good luck, I hope you are successful

Gentle hugs xx


I forgot to mention also, that you have to explain how you were feeling/pain etc at the time of applying for the DLA (in my case 2 years ago, which was rather difficult as I have trouble remembering 2 mins ago sometimes!!! lol)

You also get to ask them questions too xx


I am awaiting the date of my Tribunal, I am seeing a consultant about my knee tomorrow as I have had it locking and giving way for some time, I walk with a stick to try and alleviate problems but also for my balance.... it would seem from the 6 x-rays I had that I may need partial or total knee replacement,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so I could end up going to my Tribunal in a wheel chair !!!!! Oh the joys x x x


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